The Sims 4 Going to University with a new DLC

The Sims 4 Going to University with a new DLC on Blog

Being one of the definitive games of the 2010s, The Sims 4 has been receiving updates since its very beginning. It could offer a career of a detective, scientist, or pop star, take you to an island vacation or to a social club, even make you a vampire or a magician! The newest DLC is a new extension of digital life – now a university.

Study to Party

Less exotic than other recent The Sims addons, this one gets closer to the original idea of the game – the simulator of real life. In this addon probably you will be able to send your Sim to attend the college. This may include both academic work and unofficial (but full of fun) student life. As The Sims is quite a family game (to a certain extent), everything will remain decent.

The rumors started to spread when the upcoming expansion was mentioned by Beau Young Prince, a rapper who was probably involved in voicing or somehow else got aware of it. Then some art characters appeared, for example, a Sim who was looking like a university champion athlete. There hasn’t been any official confirmation or retraction, but the experience tells us something…

Been Here Before?

It’s the first university addon in the current installment, but not in the entire series. The Sims 2 had its addon University back in 2005, and it was a college with classes, faculties, dorms and more. Then a similar DLC was released for The Sims 3, under the name University Life. Both DLCs offered you a detailed good imitation of college education (in Simlish, of course).

In the expansion for the third game, the player could select majors, study them at the lessons, and get marks. The education one received then influenced the career. The closer your preferred job is to your education, the more successful you may become.

The most worrying thing is that the latter of these, for The Sims 3, was one of the latest expansion packs. Two more followed, and then here came the fourth installment. Does a university expansion pack mean that the developers are running out of ideas for new DLC? Or just it’s time to expect the fifth game?

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