Updated Mountains Biome on Voting during MineCon

Updated Mountains Biome on Voting during MineCon on Blog

There is voting going on MineCon, the greatest live stream event on Minecraft, held by Mojang – that is, it can’t get more official than that. On September 28 there will be a biome voting, choosing the best new biomes to introduce. The new look of Mountains biome, revamped by developers, is shown on the video.

It was published on the official Instagram, showing the new Mountains for a few seconds, with a funny dialog presenting the new horned inhabitants. There are “jagged cliffs, snow-capped peaks and dramatic views” mentioned in the voiceover. Not that Minecraft has been short of them before. But probably now they will be paid more attention to, getting more spectacular and more frequent.

Greatest of All Times? If Not, Still GOAT

This version of the updated Mountains is the third presented by Mojang recently. And yes, it features new looks, with snow even whiter, ice even more slippery, and goats leaping all over, as squared up as everything in Minecraft.

No doubt it will be introduced soon. But will it be the first introduced& Mojang has shown us other updated biomes, being Badlands and Swamp. The voting will define which of the biomes will get officially updated first.

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