Roblox Premium is Here, with More Profit for Developers and Designers

Roblox Premium is Here, with More Profit for Developers and Designers on Blog

All the time Roblox has been around it was expanding the limit of the “game” concept, pushing it closer to “metagame”. Playing Roblox was always fun, but it also inspired amateur developers to go pro, starting with the tools it offered. This openness made Roblox akin to Minecraft, with developers using control, design, and other blocks the way creative minecrafters build beautiful objects. Now Roblox Premium goes even more developer-friendly; still, it’s oriented towards players as well.

What Premium Brings

Traditionally Roblox offered access to its endless thousands of games for free. You could buy avatars or Robux – the in-game currency – for real money, but it was not necessary. Still, you had to pay for each item separately. With a Premium subscription, it’s quite different.

Announced recently, Roblox Premium contains three subscription plans: Premium 450 ($4.99/mo), Premium 1000 ($9.99/mo), and Premium 2220 ($19.99/mo). The numbers mean the exact volume of Robux the plan includes. And it’s the only difference between them. If you are here just to play, that’s the most important.

In addition, Premium users can create groups and join existing ones, with totally up to 100 groups per user. They can also sell their own items on the Market, getting more Robux. And that’s where creativity comes in.

For Developers

If you are a developer and have your game published (and played) on Roblox, and you are lucky, this means other users spend their Robux to buy items within your game. With a Premium subscription, you will have a bonus: your revenue share will get bigger, and probably it will be easier to withdraw your earnings.

If you are just into design, you will also benefit from the subscription. It will allow you into markets, where your items can be bought. Thus, you’ll be able to earn on Roblox too. It’s a great offer for those self-assured, creative, and brave.

Hannah Paul
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