Secret Neighbor and Other Games by tinyBuild Revealed

Secret Neighbor and Other Games by tinyBuild Revealed on Blog

If you like your games creepy and strange, you probably track the activity of tinyBuild, one of the most bizarre indie publishers of the late 2010s. It has already harvested tons of love and attention for its release Hello Neighbor, and the recent press conference contained 90 minutes of info on its new projects. Believe us: there is a lot to hold your breath for.

The Neighbor Is Back

One of the most awaited releases by tinyBuild is, of course, Secret Neighbor, a standalone addon to Hello Neighbor, the hit that made the studio famous. This story is a new take on a creepy adventure of a kid entering the creepy house of the mysterious neighbor. It’s still a first-person adventure, but now there are at least two innovations.

First, now there is a group of up to six kids entering that strange house, and one of them is the Neighbor in disguise, pretending to be yet another explorer. You know he’s here, but you don’t know who it is. Unless second: you can play as the Neighbor, trying to catch all the kids one by one and keep your mystery intact.

Each kid has his or her own abilities, making the game very tactical, and the detective element combines with that.

The game is available to preorder on Steam since August 2, and those lucky few who got to play it mostly leave positive reviews. The release is scheduled on Halloween 2019, though the game can remain in Early Access status for indefinitely long. But, as experienced Steam users know, even early access games can be quite playable. As for Hello Neighbor, its beta versions were as cult as the release, making it even more fun to watch the game evolve.

More Games to Come

The first game to mention here is Pathologic 2, already released earlier this year, but getting a DLC pack. The original game lets you play as a doctor who fruitlessly efforts to fight a plague, seeing his failure as the town is dying out. The DLC named The Marble Nest will probably offer even more of that existential horror and angst, more terrible than any fictional creature. The original game was rated high in general, though the reviews are ambiguous. If you already own Pathologic 2 when The Marble Nest is out, you’ll have the DLC for free. If not, you’ll have to pay for both.

Once Upon a Time in Roswell is another first-person horror exploiting all the mythology built around Roswell base, with the story set in 1947. Your character is a detective, and the investigation of the local family strangely gone is a real quest, leading you to the most unexpected conclusions. The game will combine sci-fi, action and detective storyline. Expect it in late 2020.

Nor for Broadcast is a game that simulates a newsroom in a dystopian world. It’s set in the 1980s, which is a trend now; the cast is played and voiced by live actors. The new government puts you in charge of National Nightly News, and you are censoring the content now and watching its effect on the nation. In November it will appear in Early Access.

If you like retro-styled arcades, you’ll appreciate Black Skylands, a shmup set in the future where Earth became an Avatar-like zone of flying islands. They fight each other, and you are to survive in this all-out war.

RAWMEN is probably the most bizarre game on this list. You act as one of the tattooed fighters using noodles and soup as their weapons, forming one of the strangest games you might ever run into. And yes, it’s a multiplayer online, so prepare to share your sheer laugh with your opponents.

Finally, Speedrunners, a platformer/racing game for up to four players, is not a new release unless you own a Nintendo Switch: three years after its premiere the game is finally ported.

House Full of Surprises

Yes, tinyBuild conforms its image as that of a publisher working with the most indie studios and making hit games out of the most eccentric ideas. Will they all be as popular as Hello Neighbor? Maybe even more. Who knows?

Alina Burns
Wordlover, sketch artist and aesthetics admirer.

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