House Party, a Most Indecent Game, Reaches 500.000 Players

House Party, a Most Indecent Game, Reaches 500.000 Players on Blog

One of the most explicit, sexy, and provocative games has reached a noticeable amount of 500.000 sold copies. Eek! Games confirmed that in its press release in August 2019.

If you haven’t heard of House Party (oh my sweet summer child!), there is only one thing you need to know to decide whether to read on. This game is banned on Twitch completely, along with other games on a not-so-long list. That made you curious, didn’t it?

And if you are one of those who fell in love with this game and bought it despite its early access status, you are now a part of a 500-thousand community. It took the game two years and two months to get this high, still being in Early Access.

Welcome to the House Party

This game offers exactly what it says on the tin. In the primary storyline, your character is a guy invited to a house party where he only knows one person – the one who invited him. And there are many girls and guys, so the party may get hotter than you expect. You can take a chick home out of the party, get obscenely drunk… or beaten the shit out of, so the party will be over for you.

This situation game exploits the pattern of teen comedies coined in 1980s, with lots of nudity, unchained jokes, highlighted stupidity and irresponsibility, profanity, violence (nothing lethal, but nothing pleasant either), theft, escapades, and so on. More of that: a game constantly receives updates, DLC, new storyline, so it’s rather a franchise packed into one title. No wonder: the developers confess they get inspired by real persons and events.


The success came as a surprise to the founders of Eek! Games as well as to the audience. Steam users usually review it as a really funny game, with unexpected twists, beautiful visuals (the girls are anything but modest, and guys are anything but decent), and no taboos. The quality of the game is quite high, even too high for such a thrashy concept.

Steam now has 4.000 reviews of House Party, mostly positive. This means that one of 125 players has bothered to type and share their thoughts and impressions, and it’s quite a high rate. And the game inspired bloggers like PewDiePie, Jacksepticeye, or MattShea to share their experience as well.

“I never expected it to get that huge!” – Bobby Ricci, the founder of Eek! Games, confesses. He replies with backward compliments; say, LetyDoesStuff after reviewing a game became one of its characters recently. The next celebrity cameo will feature Danny and Arin of the Game Grumps; they are now being made into 3D models to enter the house.

The Party Saga Continues

To go further with the success, the developers plan on expanding this world. The most expected update will include a playable female character, maybe even more than one. The game will retain its early access status until 2020, and this event is to be celebrated.

Now those who want to get the news as early as possible can become official supporters via Patreon. And let them moralists rant: the House Party goes on!

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