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Last days of August mean we may spend less time outside and probably more at our PCs and consoles, playing favorite games, including the evergreen GTA V. With all the understanding, Rockstar rolls out the next GTA5 update by the end of summer. This update affects all versions of the game, for all the platforms, and brings new bonuses and rewards. And it’s so large that it requires a new section in your GTA5 guide.

A New Car in Town

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When we speak of GTA, the primary reference is “cars”, “automobiles”, “vehicles” and other synonyms. Well, the game has lots of them, as if they robbed Detroit, Nagoya, and Bavaria at the same time. But there is always a place in your garage for one more, if it’s worth it.

Now, if you have got enough cash ($ 1,625,000, to be exact), you can purchase a brand-new glittering and glamorous Ocelot Locust Sports. It’s a two-seated retro-styled predate sports car, a roofless piece of concentrated energy. The one you fall in love the very moment you see it; at least, so it was meant by designers.

This one is available at Legendary Motorsport. In fact, it’s the main innovation this time. But GTA is still “the series about car criminals”, so what can be more essential?

Where does one get enough cash? Well, this game is all about getting cash in legal and illegal ways, but the most obvious way for GTA Online players is playing in the Online Casino.

More Free Stuff

To fit this great car, you can also dress your character in a special Ocelot T-Shirt that becomes available as a bonus just as you log in to your GTA Online account.

There are also other bonuses you get just for logging in before September 4. They include the Sessanta Nove Monogram and Sessanta Nove Multi-Color Liveries for the HVY Barrage, HVY APC and the Pegassi Oppressor.

Earn More

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There is more stuff in this update, but these are not free. That is, you have to complete some quests to get these attractive items. And now it’s up to you to decide whether they are worth your efforts.

It’s a great time to run guns (not that it has ever been the other way, but…) If you get to the Nightclub Warehouse or your underground bunker, you can make more GTA$, as all the gunrunning missions are rewarded double this week., until September 4. This week also offers double speed for all gunrunning researches, with no extra fees, so if you want to pimp your guns, it’s the best time.

Special Cargo Sales and Smuggler’s Cargo Sales are also extremely profitable this week, offering you extra rewards for this specific sort of operation. The same is with running crates from Hangar and Special Cargo Warehouse. It’s the smuggling season, so find some time to ride.

Bunker Series is also double rewarded this week, so pay attention to this sort of business. To access this hustle, run Bunker/ Missile Base Adversary Mode from your game menu. Well, it makes quite an amount of missions to bring extra profits.

Pay Less

This section will be the most interesting for those investing in GTA V to accelerate your progress and have more fun from it. So, Bunkers, Hangars, Bunker Renovations & Addons, Hangar Renovation & Addons, V-65 Molotok (Plane), Mammoth Thruster (Military), HVY Barrage (Military), HVY APC (Military), Overflod Entity XXR (Super), Coil Cyclone (Super) and Ocelot Lynx (Sports) are offered with quite a significant 40% discount.

There is also a special offer for twitchers; those on Twitch Prime can get HYV Menacer and Akula for only 25% of their initial cost. All the other discounts for these users get 10% more off. All you need to do to use this offer is to link your Twitch and Rockstar Games Social Club if you haven’t done this yet.

Missions and Quests

The update also brings Business Trip, a premium race only available to those on Super. Reach the top three to get extra GTA$. But no matter how successfully you finish this race, you’ll get triple rewards for your result. To enter Business Trip, just search it in Quick Job App on your in-game phone.

There are also two time trials: Hill Valley Church Cemetery and Sawmill. To enter any of these, select your in-game map, set the waypoint at the marker and select the purple corona to start. If you beat par time, your reward will include double GTA$ and RP.

What’s Next?

This update is available on all platforms, so no matter if you prefer GTA5 Xbox One, PS4, or PC version, it will be there. You already know it if you took the benefits of the previous events, probably even of that that took place between August 15 and 21.

Maybe this additional content is too minor for those waiting for GTA VI or at least full Grand Theft Auto 5 Mobile version, but it’s a new breath for this already beloved installment. Though there is something better: it seems that there will be no more big updates for the current generation, and it may mean that GTA VI may hit the next generation consoles sooner than we expect.

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