Minecraft Earth Early Access Starts This October

Minecraft Earth Early Access Starts This October on Blog

It’s been announced earlier this game that Minecraft Earth, an AR version of the most famous builder game, is to be released this autumn. Now, after Minecon live stream held by Microsoft, the publisher, and Mojang, the developer, it becomes even more certain. Minecraft Earth becomes available for early access this October, and it’s official. Android users can pre-register for testing it; on iOS, the commercial release will come without extra tests.

What is Minecraft Earth?

It’s the AR version of the good old Minecraft, where the real world is your building site. You will have to use your camera to see and process the real environment to create your own projects on it. You can find blocks for building and crafting, as well as encounter Creepers and other dangerous creatures.

AR games have rarely been a success lately; we recollect Pokémon GO! And Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Like these, Minecraft Earth is social: you can play with friends or see built structures in locations other players visited.

Like in traditional Minecraft, there will be adventure sites – small premade areas with constructs already existing for some time. Here you will be able to solve puzzles, search for valuable blocks, or fight monsters. As for PvP, so far it’s unknown.

Where on Earth?

Though the representatives were quite certain about the dates, they didn’t name the countries where the game will be officially available. It does matter because, for obvious reasons, Minecraft Earth will make sense on mobile devices, and the apps for them are mostly available on app markets.

The global release, though, it scheduled too. It will take place by the end of this year, maybe closer to Christmas. Maybe Donald Trump will have enough time with Minecraft Earth to finally build his wall, and Greta Thunberg will approve on Minecraft homes as the most eco-friendly places to live in.

Alina Burns
Wordlover, sketch artist and aesthetics admirer.

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