GTA Online Halloween Update: New Mode Is Out

GTA Online Halloween Update: New Mode Is Out on Blog

 Even though Grand Theft Auto was released more than six years ago, this gem of a game is still getting weekly updates. This week, some really impressive enhancements have been made to the game. A massive GTA Online update has just been released in the form of a shiny and spooky alien-packed game mode called Alien Survivals. The new mode features a new vehicle, a new mission, and tons of Halloween-themed decoration items. 

While playing the updated game, you will notice some gorgeous Halloween decorations on the streets of Los Santos, visit the casino to pick up your Halloween-inspired clothes and lay your hands on some scary awesome accessories. Before we discuss further details of the Halloween-themed GTA Online update, we’d like to remind you that HesoGames is not just about the latest tech-related breaking news. 

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Extraterrestrial Alien-Themed Entertainment 

First and foremost, GTA Online now boasts a brand new series called Alien Survival Series, where you take on the role of an alien, fighting against various human forces. Even though the new mode is not the spookiest Halloween update in history, you’ll still have lots of fun test-driving this refreshed edition of the familiar game. 

Furthermore, along with the recent Halloween update, Rockstar games has introduced a secret mission within GTA Online. To complete the mission, you’re going to need to find 76 peyote plants while playing the game. You don’t need to do anything to launch the mission. When you update the game, just log in and read the notification announcing that peyote plants have begun to sprout throughout the city.

In GTA 5, Peyote plants can turn you into an animal. Upon finding all 76 plants, you won’t receive any special rewards. Instead, you will just have an item that can transform you into a white seagull or an angry pitbull…

Cutting to the Chills: Your Opinion on the New Mode

So, have you already put the new GTA Online mode through its paces? What are your thoughts and conclusions? Is it spooky and fun enough for you? Share your opinion with us and your fellow-readers, for we appreciate your viewpoint greatly. Don’t forget to get back to our blog once in a while — just to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s new and exciting in the video gaming world.

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