GTA 6 Rumors & Analysis: Release Date, Characters, and Features

GTA 6 Rumors & Analysis: Release Date, Characters, and Features on Blog

When will GTA 6 come out? What will GTA 6 look like? Will GTA 6 be in Vice City? What will the GTA 6 map look like? If these questions keep popping up in your mind, then you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we will discuss the latest GTA 6 rumors and leaks regarding the most probable game release date of the super-anticipated RPG, its settings, characters, features, as well as other major GTA 6-related topics.

We’ll start with the fact that GTA 5 has sold 110 m units already cementing itself as one of the most successful video games in history. Furthermore, aside from GTA 6 Rockstar games like Red Dead Redemption 2 and L.A. Noire have been a huge success. In other words, it means that yes, pretty soon, you will get to download GTA 6 and make the most of its out-of-this-world features. Keep reading to lay your hands on all the flurry rumors and juicy leaks about the most awaited game on the scene.

Release Date: When Will We Get to Download GTA 6? 

Is GTA 6 out yet? Nope. And that’s the only thing that’s absolutely clear and definite among all the available leaks and rumors (which you will explore below). If we think logically, GTA 5 was rolled out in 2013, therefore, chances are high that Rockstar Games will announce the release of the sixths installment pretty soon. 

So far, in their typical manner, Rockstar remains officially tight-lipped both about the release date and the features of GTA 6. However, it doesn’t mean that the news about the release might not be revealed at any moment. What everyone is also sure about is that GTA 6 will not be released in 2019.

According to certain experts, Rockstar Games started the promotion campaign two years in advance when GTA 5 was planned for release. Thus, they doubt we’ll see the sixth GTA installment before 2022. Now, that brings up the question of paramount importance: which consoles will GTA 6 be available for? The Xbox One lifespan is almost ‘over’, same goes for PlayStation 4.

If they roll out GTA 6 in the late stages of a console life cycle, then it will most likely be predominantly created to cater to the new Xbox and PlayStation 5 users. A more graphically restricted edition will be launched for the Xbox One and the PS4, as well. The game has tons of PC-oriented fans, therefore, no doubt, we’ll also get to pre-order GTA 6 for PC. 

Even though there aren’t enough facts about the upcoming release of the GTA 6 game, we can’t stop collecting the best bits of gossip and the hottest fan reports for you. So without a single delay, below, you will read everything our team has managed to find out about GTA 6 so far. 

When Will GTA Trailer Come Out?

Yes, Rockstar Games is a rather mysterious video game publisher. Not a single hint at the GTA 6 release date, not even a trailer in sight. In their usual manner, they will most likely release the announcement about the GTA 5 game launch hours before revealing the official trailer.   

Once they release the GTA 6 trailer, the World Wide Web will instantly blow up with breaking news about it. So you will definitely be among the first to savor the first bite of this delish news. We will keep you posted as well. In truth, we’re not expecting the trailer in the nearest future. Bookmark us to always stay updated on the GTA 6 topic.

GTA 6 Rumors: The Stuff We’ve Sniffed out So Far

In this section, our editors have gathered all of the latest reports and leaks related to when GTA 6 might be unveiled, as well as what the new game might have in store for us. Remember that what you’ll read below is far from being facts, so make sure you approach the rumors we’ve prepared for you with a healthy dose of analysis.   

GTA 6: Sci-Fi Storyline

They say that the plot of GTA 6 will be sci-fi-based, with the gameplay featuring time travel and teleportation. Can this rumor turn out to be true? We doubt it. The thing is, its earthiness and immense realism have always been among the game’s ultimate plot characteristics. Although it’s possible that instead of time travel, the game’s story will be told from various time perspectives. 

GTA 6 Plot Rumors: What Will the Game Be About?

Surprise! Looks like GTA 6 will be about drug dealing, cartels, and similar Narcos-inspired unlawful activities. There are three major GTA 6 plot versions — based on the three major leaks, respectively. According to the first leak, you’ll take on the role of a chico named Ricardo — a drug baron wannabe. The story unravels in the 70s/80s focusing on Ricardo gradually climbing up the ladder of success.

Another rumor says that in GTA 6, you will begin as an average man in fictional New York performing various tasks and doing minor thefts working your way to Vice City where you become a member of a famous gang. According to this rumor, the ultimate objective of the player is also becoming a major drug baron.

Based on the third leak, in GTA 6, you will play as an international drug dealer. Notice how similar all three leaks sound? In our view, it means one thing: there’s definitely a grain of truth in there somewhere. In addition to this, the setting (Miami) and the time that is said to be depicted in the game present a believable combination; basically, Miami in the 80s was a neon-soaked purplish haze of dope and crime. 

GTA 6 Graphic Rumors: What Will the Visuals Look Like?

a guy’s head from gta 6

An incognito Reddit user has revealed several screenshots of what looks like GTA 6. This user’s account is long gone, but the images he or she has shared are inspirational and thought-provoking. As of today, those images are said to be fake. However, there’s no way you can state that for sure.  

One of the images depicts the back of a guy’s head. The guy looks super real, which kinda hints at the fact that GTA 6 visuals are going to take your breath away — but deep down, you already know it, right? The next image shows a van standing on a road in the rain covered by what you might guess as the easily recognizable red-and-blue police car lights.  

van on a road in the rain covered by red-and-blue police car lights

Another leaked image displays an airport at night and features a Rockstar-style minimap located in the left-hand section of the page. If you look at the angle at which the picture has been taken, you will see that it displays the process of a player piloting the plane. Those screenshots are easily associated with GTA, wouldn’t you agree?

airport at night of gta 6

GTA 6 Location Rumors

In the previous GTA installments, the focus has been on extremely detailed locations based around real-life cities in the US, such as Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and Las Vegas. We’ve noticed that Miami hasn’t been featured in GTA for quite a long time, so it’s possible that GTA 6 might take place in Vice City. A few sources even mention South America as the potential GTA setting. Other setting rumors are briefly outlined below.

  • Florida. Word has it that Rockstar has been scouting locations in Florida for inspiration in the soon-to-be-released game
  • The entire USA. In accordance with another rumor, GTA 6’s map will span the entire USA. Is this scenario possible? Well, clearly, GTA 6 will increase scale-wise, so this rumor can definitely become a reality once we finish downloading GTA 6 and launch the game. 
  • London. Even though London sounds quite realistic in terms of the forthcoming GTA game’s setting, this location is not the best to stick with. If we look at the immense size of GTA’s US fanbase, moving the setting to London would feel like a disappointing alienating step to them. 
  • Tokyo. They say Rockstar Games managers visited Tokyo four years ago to get a good feel for the area and eventually choose the Japanese capital as one of their game’s settings. If Rockstar opts for Tokyo as the main GTA 6 setting, it’s going to require a whole bunch of redesign, but in the end, it’s going to look fantastic. Let’s wait and see how things will shake out.

GTA 6 Female Character Rumors

It is likely that at least one of the GTA 6 characters will be a female. According to the game developers, creating a strong (and playable) woman lead character has always been on their minds. Could this rumor finally become a reality? Absolutely. Chances are high that the moment you download GTA 6, you will realize that you can now take on the role of a brand new Charlie's Angels-like female character. 

Eva Mendez and Ryan Gosling to Star in GTA 6?

The possibility of making the most of a female lead character is extremely inspiring, but the leaks don’t end there. One of the latest GTA 6 leaks hints at Eva Mendez and Ryan Gosling to be among the lead actors to play the protagonists. As a matter of fact, this could be true. GTA is a powerful and immensely famous video gaming franchise, so featuring some major names in the forthcoming sixth installment would be a smart and believable move on their part. Whether this rumor has any truth to it or not — only time will show. 

GTA 6 Full VR Support: Yay or Nay?

Virtual Reality isn’t going anywhere, that’s a given. Based on the rumors circulating around the Internet, GTA 6 will be released with full VR support. And we don’t just mean several VR-friendly missions, but rather the whole VR-based gameplay. Is this even possible? Yes, integrating full VR support with GTA 6 doesn’t sound like an unlikely scenario. However, our analysts conclude that for what it’s worth, Rockstar Games won’t aim to add VR experience to the game. Pillaging the whole game in the virtual reality mode would feel crazy.

Cutting to the Chase: More Leaks and Our Analysis

In accordance with one of the recent leaks, Grand Theft Auto 6 will be more arcade-y and less lifelike compared to Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2. Despite this, GTA 6 is said to remain immersive and rather close to reality in terms of the events depicted. 

Rumor has it that GTA 6 will be majorly inspired by the TV series called ‘Narcos’ and take place between the 70s and 80s. The plot will consist of several chapters, and as a player, you will get to build your own drug empire by completing some major tasks within a large-scale map. 

Here are Some More Important GTA 6 Leaks:

  • The game will put more emphasis on weather, featuring visually impressive sunsets, hurricanes, rainbows, and floods.
  • A mind-blowing 70’s/80’s GTA 6 soundtrack is being prepared.
  • The game is said to feature tons of subtitles, particularly translations from Spanish.
  • GTA 6 is still in Pre-Alpha, which means a lot of things may change before the official release.

If we combine all these rumor-based puzzle pieces, we can firmly predict that GTA 6 will be launched somewhere in 2020 or 2021 for the next-gen hardware, such as Playstation 5. The events in the game will take place across multiple beautiful cities, including Rio de Janeiro. GTA 6 is rumored to feature several playable characters, including one woman. 

Topic-wise, GTA 6 will cover such globally significant matters as the fast-growing terrorist threat, inequality, immigration, the spread of misleading propaganda-based information, etc. In terms of technology, a comprehensive switch to VR doesn’t seem probable, but ruling out these endeavors would be unwise. 

GTA 6 Online FAQ: Get Your Questions Answered

Cutting to the chase, here’s a brief FAQ session about GTA 6.

1. What is GTA 6?

The long-awaited next chapter in the Grand Theft Auto franchise.

2. Is GTA 6 out yet?

No. And looks like it won’t be released in 2019.

3. Will it be available on PC?

Both GTA 4 and GTA 5 were released on PC. So, following the same logic, we can predict that the next installment will be PC-friendly as well.

4. Where will the game take place?

Rockstar Games have managed to keep it a secret so far. But rumor has it that the dev team may focus on South America this time.

Ricardo, Eva Mendez, Time Travel: The Truth is Out There 

So, what is your opinion on the whole thing? Which of the GTA 6 rumors we’ve covered above seems more true to life? What are your thoughts on the possible introduction of a female character? What’s your favorite GTA 6 setting option? Don’t you just love Rio and Tokyo? Share your two cents in the comment section below, get the discussion going, and your fellow GTA fans will participate in it as well.
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