Fortnite’s ‘The End’ Event Breaks Twitch Viewership Records

Fortnite’s ‘The End’ Event Breaks Twitch Viewership Records on Blog

Fortnite’s ‘The End’ event has recently shown the immensely popular game disappearing into a black hole, marking the introduction of the title’s eleventh season dubbed ‘Chapter Two’. It’s interesting that ‘The End’ broke Twitch and Twitter viewership records, and was among the most watched gaming events on YouTube. That’s quite a stir, don’t you think?

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Back to Breaking Records: The Devil is in the Details

Indeed, with the release of Chapter Two, the Fortnite game has gone through some major enhancements. Naturally, the transition from the previous season to the new era has attracted loads of attention. Twitch, for example, has reportedly generated nearly 2 million views both from Fortnite’s official stream and other valuable sources who have streamed the event. As for Twitter, the black hole event received over 40 million views.  

No one had a clue what was happening with the black hole, so that mysterious stunt had definitely contributed to breaking viewership records across social media. Rumor has it that once Fortnite comes back, it will start with an entirely new map. Epic and out of this world — those words describe the arrival of Fortnite’s Season 2 pretty accurately. 

Fortnite ‘The End’ Event: Have You Watched?

If you’re here, then Fortnite is probably among your favorite games. If that’s true, you’ve most likely watched the black hole event. How did you like it? What was your reaction when you saw that? Feel free to make the most of the comment section below to describe your impressions. Your two cents always matter. If you’ve never played Fortnite free yourself from this burden and enjoy the game today. Believe it or not, you won’t even need a black-hole effect to like it.

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