Fortnite Introduces a Raid Boss on Halloween

Fortnite Introduces a Raid Boss on Halloween on Blog

Fortnite is not just a battle royale video game anymore. It’s a cultural phenomenon, something that has long overgrown the concept of a video game. Therefore, its developers are on the constant lookout for some groundbreaking spice-it-all-up elements to introduce. 

Within this year’s Fortnitemares, which is the game’s regular Halloween event, Epic has added another enhancement to the core gameplay by featuring a raid boss in Fortnite Battle. Always remember that HesoGames contains a multitude of expert-created game reviews, including Fortnite review as well. 

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As for this particular battle royale, you can play Fortnite free of charge, by the way — but you already know that, right? Now, let’s switch to some details regarding the new Fortnite raid boss.

Further Details: Storm King and Ways to Destroy Him

Storm King is the new boss, and you should remember him if you’ve recently pillaged Fortnite: Save the World. In the Battle Royale edition of the game, about twenty players get airdropped onto the game’s map near the center peninsula. Within moments, the Storm King spawns, utilizing similar skills and behavior patterns to his Save the World brother.

You will have to maneuver away from his glaring energy beams, as well as dodge the collapsing meteors, and avoid zombie invaders, all while attempting to destroy the raid boss by aiming at his weak body areas. Upon destroying all three weak areas on Storm King’s body, you can switch to finishing him completely.

Are You Ready to Meet the Storm King?

Now that you’ve read the news, you’re probably eager to meet up with the new Fortnite raid boss. Are we right? Or have you already put the Storm King through his paces? If you have, you’re welcome to share your impressions with us in the comment section below. Let’s get the hot Fortnite fan-fueled discussion started.

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