Destiny 2’s Latest Update: Getting Pinnacle Gear Made Easier

Destiny 2’s Latest Update: Getting Pinnacle Gear Made Easier on Blog

Bungie’s upcoming Pinnacle Gear acquisition update for Destiny 2 will bring some positive changes to your gaming experience. Particularly, the dev team behind the game is tweaking how players gear up. Keep reading to learn more details about this rewarding Destiny 2 hotfix. And keep in mind that on our website, aside from Destiny 2 game review, you will also access a slew of other game reviews, news, and useful tips.

Details on the Latest Destiny 2 Tweaks

Destiny 2 fans currently participating in the neither-fast-nor-smooth Power grinding process will soon get some delish rewards from Bungie. As of today, you can lay your hands on Pinnacle engrams only for going through the hardest parts of the game. The Bungie team has made a decision to change the current state of affairs and will be releasing an update for Pinnacle rewards very soon.

Pinnacle rewards represent the highest level of Power progression in the Destiny 2 game, and therefore, they are very challenging to reach. These days, a single Pinnacle reward gives you one piece of equipment or ammunition. Thus, to achieve power level 951, you must attain 951 pieces of gear or weapon in your possession. 

With the latest game hotfix, Bungie is intending to speed up the process and provide +2 pieces of weapon or ammunition instead of one during Pinnacle drops. It means that you will only need four items of pinnacle weapon to switch from 950 to 951 power level. 

Bungie’s choice to enhance the system can be easily explained. The thing is, Destiny 2 fans feel way too challenged to climb as high as the dev team has planned. The necessity to gain an upgrade in every slot prior to climbing up a single power level is excessively slow.  

Your Two Cents on the News

If you’re here, you probably fancy Destiny 2 and do your best to follow each game update. How do you like the news about the upcoming hotfix? Aren’t you excited? Share your impressions with us in the comment section below. If you have any questions about the latest patch, ask away. We’ll get back to you with answers asap. Don’t forget to bookmark our blog to keep tabs on the latest industry news.

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