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On first sight, Id Software’s jawbreaking hit shooter series Doom looks like a simple shooter in which you have to carry huge guns and chop everything on your way. This time the developer managed to implement more than anyone expected. If you are going to buy the game soon, read this Doom Eternal guide. It will help you to train your Doomguy to turn him into an unstoppable death machine for hell’s creatures.

Set Difficulty Level

Doom Eternal PC, Xbox One, PS4, Switch, and Stadia versions let you select one of 4 difficulty levels and they have hilarious titles: I’m too young to die, Hurt me plenty, Ultra-violence, and Nightmare. The cool thing is that you can change your choice at any stage of the game. There’s also a mode that’s impossible to change without starting the new game. It’s called Ultra-Nightmare, and it’s inspired by Dark Souls. If you want to complete the game in this mode, you don’t have the right to respawn at all. If your character dies, you have to start the game from the very beginning.

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Enough Mods for Everything

During the first level, you are given the first mod upgrade for the default shotgun. It lets you choose between 2 options, and both of them are equally useful. However, you don’t have to think for too long to pick up the right one as Doom rolls out new weapon mods at almost every level. Even if you don’t like your pick, you’ll be able to replace it very soon.

Mod Level Ups Do Matter

While you can choose any mods you like, we’d like to recommend you to choose upgrades for each mod thoroughly. In tier one, all level-ups are designed to make each mod more powerful without transforming the weapon. You can get them for weapon points earned during the game.

Second-tier level-ups are designed to transform the entire weapon into something brand new and nuts. For example, you can make an ordinary rifle launch rockets at incredibly high speed. You can achieve them by completing mastery challenges or finding rare mastery tokens. Don’t waste your points to upgrade 2 different mods as it won’t give you any notable benefits.

Upgrade These Mods

Of course, your playstyle may differ from ours, but some of the mods have significantly more powerful 2nd-tier level-ups. Upgrade them first to have more fun. The list looks like this:

  • Sticky Bombs for Shotgun – get it before Full Auto to avoid spending too much ammo ineffectively before the max capacity upgrade becomes available.
  • Micro Missiles for Heavy Cannon – while the 1st tier of this mod isn’t very attractive, the 2nd turn it into a non-overheating rocket monster.
  • Heat Blast for Plasma Rifle – this upgrade makes the Plasma Rifle much more powerful when you install the 2nd tier.
  • Remote Detonate for Rocket Launcher – this one provides you with more control over missiles and lets you damage enemies even if you don’t shoot directly into them.
  • Destroyer Blade for Ballista – you just need it, believe us.

Don’t Skip Slayer Gates

There are 6 Slayer Gates in the entire game. Although they’re optional challenges, you should never skip them. Each complete gate will bring you 3 weapon points that you can use for upgrades. In addition, you’ll get an Empyrean Key for each gate. Six keys are the cost of the most powerful weapon in the game, the Unmaykr.

Look for Runes

Runes are needed to unlock permanent extra abilities of the DoomGuy. There are 9 runes scattered around the universe, but you can use max 3 of them at a time, and, fortunately, only 3 of them are really useful. Get Dazed and Confused to double the effect of staggering, Seek and Destroy to break through hordes of enemies to reach staggered enemies, and Chrono Strike to activate the slow-motion ability.

Do you Need Tips?

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The game offers default instructional messages to tell you about the gameplay basic. However, most Doom fans hate them as they don’t match the classic idea of hard-to-understand game mechanics. If you’re one of such hardcore players, go to settings and disable Tutorials. To make things even more complicated, switch off glory kill markers.

One-ups Don’t Respawn

Always think good before using a one-up. This item provides you with a second life but disappears from the place where you get it forever. Don’t try to restart the game; they won’t reappear! If you see a one-up ahead, check out what waits for you ahead. If the challenge’s too hard, take it, and it’ll revive you automatically at the same place where DoomGuy dies preserving the progress.

Get a Loot Magnet

Sentinel Crystals are used to activate your passive abilities in the game. Loot magnet is the first skill that you should purchase as it lets you collect all the loot scattered around without the need to step on items directly. This upgrade will make you a much happier person.

Research the Base

Doomguy has a heavy-metal apartment within the game. If you’re not attentive enough, you may not notice energy doors that hide loads of useful stuff, including weapon mods and additional Sentinel Crystals. You can save up some batteries on custom skins and unlock these doors instead.

Define Cracked Walls

There are 3 types of destroyable walls. Cracks highlighted with green color are essential walls that let you progress further. Yellow cracks tell you that you must find a tool to unlock them. Finally, black walls are quite hard to notice as they hide valuable items and unlocks. Keep your eyes wide open, and you’ll get even more fun!

Slay Them All!

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Now you’re ready to play Doom Eternal and take the most out of your DoomGuy. It’s also the third chapter in the series that you can play not only on PC and home consoles. The handheld Doom Eternal Switch version is already out too, and it looks amazing! But what we can’t understand, is why does a digital version cost as much as a cartridge? That doesn’t make any sense!

Are you already applying any hints from this article? Or maybe you can tell us about something else? We can’t wait to see replies of you and your friends in the comments, so hurry up on to comment and share.

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