10 Sims 4 Characters That Became Iconic

10 Sims 4 Characters That Became Iconic on Blog

The Sims 4 is the last and the most favorite chapter of The Sims series. It’s also the best real-life simulator game ever made. The Sims universe is full of tricks, secrets, and extraordinary characters. The diversity of colors and traits in the game is really impressive, which makes all characters of the game unique and memorable. In this article, we’ll tell you about the best Sims 4 characters, their traits, and exciting stories, which made them icons of the entire franchise.

1. Count Vladislaus Straud IV – King Vampire

Although the body of Count Vladislaus Straud IV has been cold for years, he really deserves a place amongst hot Sims 4 characters. This legendary sim lives in a huge Victorian mansion on the edge of Forgotten Hollow for over 200 years, but many signs say that he’s not less than 400 years old. Vlad is actually a founder of Forgotten Hollow, who came to the area with early settlers. He’s the only one who managed to survive, and the reason for that is quite clear. His role is a grandmaster vampire, the king of supernaturals! What’s more, he’s level 10 in playing the organ and level 8 in charisma.

2. Bella Goth – Always Young

Similarly to Vlad Straud, Bella Goth is not new to the series. Bella was born in The Sims 3, and her name was Bella Bachelor. Earlier, she appeared in the original game as a married woman and then moved to Belle View in The Sims 2.

In The Sims 4, this iconic female character settles down in a dark old mysterious mansion with her new husband and 2 children, who are also remarkable guys. It looks like years pass by without any effect on Bella’s appearance. She’s always young, fresh, and attractive, which helps her foster chaos in the town.

3. Brant & Brent Hecking

Brant & Brent Hecking is the first default married gay couple in the entire series. They live a happy life with their pet dog Rosie in Brindleton Bay, and most of their goals revolve around building even better relationships. Brent is a talented painter who was once featured on the cover of Cats & Dogs. That appearance made him a welcome guest at every party in the game universe.

Brant is a more grounded person and a professional personal trainer. It’s hard to find a happier couple in the entire game. However, it’s possible to lead them to a breakup and become the evilest entity!

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4. Lia Hauata

Lia Hauata and her mother live in Sulani. They’re the first non-binary personalities in the game. Their bodies are quite masculine and sporty, while they still can have children from heterosexual male sims. Lia is a reference to the Hawaiian and Polynesian culture, where the third gender was established centuries ago.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to get them without the expansion packs for the Sims 4. If you want to add diversity to the original game, I recommend you to download the Island Living pack.

5. Oliana Ngata

Oliana Ngata and her wife Leila are the first lesbians who were introduced in the original The Sims 4 game. You can play these two without the need to download any expansion packs. They’re not the first lesbian couple in the series, though. You can also play for The Shears in The Sims 3. They live in the Roaring Heights.

Unlike Laila, Liana is considered a bisexual character, because she has a young son named Tane, who was born during previous relationships. You can find this liberal family in Sulani.

6. Bob Pancakes

Although this guy looks like an average character, he’s a living legend of the game. He even got starred in the game trailer. Playing him is an exciting adventure with lots of unpredictable circumstances. He lives with his wife Eliza and a toddler boy Iggy. They could have a happy family, but Eliza is a master when it comes to nagging and needless quarrels. That’s what made her one of the most frequently eliminated sims of all time.

7. Don Lothario

The Caliente family are the well-known troublemakers. Even if everything gets ok, they find something to quarrel about just to make noise. Don Lothario is perhaps the main reason for all the troubles that happen in this family. He seems to be a professional provocateur, who always romances with both Caliente sisters just for fun while being in love with their mother! You should try this character if you want to add some predictable but spicy scenarios to the game.

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8. Nancy Landgraab

The Landgraab family is the largest property owner in the town. They sell houses and apartment blocks named after them. Nancy works as a crimelord and the top boss of the entire property business, which makes her so rich and mighty. Playing such a secretive and insidious character is very exciting, which cannot be said about her husband Malcolm, as he is always under her thumb.

9. Akira Kibo

Akira is a stylish and outgoing character. He’s a charming young man without borders, which made him a father of many children around the universe of the game. Despite such fame, he’s literally stalked by other lonely characters. His biggest adorer is Miko, but Akira remains unaware of her love, so it’s easy for him to romance almost any sim around and move into any house soon after the first date.

10. Morgyn Ember

Morgyn Ember was initially introduced in the Realms of Magic trailer. He has a feminine appearance and a chaotic type of personality. Magic and chaos – do you know a more exciting combination? Morgyn is a Sage of Untamed Magic who has an ability to teach other sims to perform various magical tricks. Similarly to Akira, he’s outgoing, so it’s very exciting to chat and build relationships with him. Get Realms of Magic and enjoy playing him!

Ooh be Gah!

Of course, The Sims 4 character list is much longer, but these are the most fan-favorite ones. Keep exploring the game, and you will love many other digital humans. And don’t forget to create your own sims as they can appear even more exciting!

Who are your favorite characters? If they’re not mentioned on the list, you’re welcome to add descriptions in the comments. You can also share the article with other fans of the game to liven up the discussion.

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