Creative Destruction Beginner’s Guide: How to Play Better

Creative Destruction Beginner’s Guide: How to Play Better on Blog

Creative Destruction is a vibrant diamond-in-the-rough FPS sandbox survival mobile video game which is often referred to as Chinese Fortnite. This free low-end-PC-friendly game brings the limitless excitement of the battle royale genre to your smartphone. We’re here to let you in on some tips and hacks about the game. If you’re new to Creative Destruction, our today’s post is exactly what you need.

Keep in mind that at HesoGames, you can read tons of expert-composed game reviews, the Creative Destruction game review being among them. Within our blog, you will find the best Creative Destruction beginners guide out there. You still haven’t tried this awesome mobile game? Head to the Google Play Store now, install it, and play Creative Destruction free of charge asap!

Creative Destruction: Getting Started

Prior to switching to the Creative Destruction cheat and hack topic, let’s get to grips with the core gameplay mechanics. In the game, your sole goal is to be the last player standing by surviving and getting rid of all your enemies. Creative Destruction begins with a tutorial where you embrace the basics. The first several matches are about playing against robots. 

Once you start playing against real people, things are going to get really challenging. The game offers excellent modes, great weapons, splendid character customization possibilities, and tons of other fantastic perks. Browse through the brief guide below and then switch to the tips, tricks, and hacks we’ve prepared for the most passionate Creative Destruction newbies.

Creative Destruction: Quick Guide for Beginners

Wondering about the game modes, weapons, and equipment? Want to know more about the controls? Curious about inviting and playing Creative Destruction with friends? We’ll cover these and many other similar aspects in this section of our post. 

Game Modes, or Your Options

We’ll start with the game modes. If you’re wondering about your options, you should remember that there are two major game modes within the game: Classic and Defend the Captain. You can play Creative Destruction alone, with a friend, or with a group of buddies. If you want to amp up your shooting skills, you can always make the most of the game’s training mode — very convenient! 

Training is Essential

creative destruction gameplay

Don’t forget to practice all the necessary skills within the game’s training mode. The Creative Destruction training mode is well-designed and polished. You will enjoy practicing building, looting, shooting, dealing with your parachute, and many other important skills. 

A rather limited number of video games feature training modes. Creative Destruction boasts a superb training mode that will assist you in getting ready for the battle of your life. Depending on your game savviness, in the training mode, you will learn how to land, build, shoot; or you can switch to the advanced skills right away. In either case, improving your skills always comes with a lot of perks.

Landing is Paramount

Make sure you choose the best area for landing in terms of your survival potential. Opt for a landing spot that’s loaded with buildings. Avoid landing on an empty battleground. To speed up your landing, aim to the chosen area and make the best out of the joystick. Notice other players heading towards the same spot? That’s not surprising — everyone in the game is looking for strategies that really work. Do your best to find a gun and eliminate your like-minded opponents asap. 

Controls: Easy to Grasp

The Creative Destruction controls are similar to those of Fortnite. So if you’ve ever played this legendary battle royale title, you’ll easily sort out the Creative Destruction game controls as well. Take advantage of the game’s standard WASD plus mouse system or any PC-friendly game controller.

Auto-Run Button: Handy & Convenient

creative destruction gameplay

This button is vital for any battle royale game. If you’re a mobile gaming enthusiast, you’ve experienced the inconvenience of holding your fingers on a touch screen to constantly keep running. So make sure you take advantage of the auto-run button for longer distances and i.e., enhance your gaming experience immensely.

Think Ahead & Build Like a Pro

While playing Creative Destruction, you will sometimes find yourself in places where there are no enemies. Once you do, make sure you engage in building walls, floors, barriers, ramps, and a multitude of other objects. But before you start building, you will need to gather building material by wrecking various objects. Build with wisdom and strategic thinking in mind.

Want a great building strategy to trick one or several players into falling into your trap? Here you go… Build up a lot of stuff in one area. Your opponents will most likely want to break into that area and shoot down all the things you’ve built — thinking that you’re using all these buildings as cover and hoping to kill you. Jump out of your hiding spot right when the enemy is focused on what you’ve made them focus on — and enjoy taking them down. Just don’t fall into other players’ traps of a similar kind. 

3 More Creative Destruction Basic Tips You Need to Know

  • Battleground Basics. Upon landing on the battleground, head towards the safe zone. 
  • The Importance of Using the Mini-Map. Keeping tabs on the mini-map is vital since it displays your enemies’ movements. Also, you can utilize the mini-map to mark your destination.
  • Inviting & Adding Friends. Tap the Friends icon at the top-right corner of the game screen, then tap Add friend, Search and Add. Let them know you’ve sent them a request. Upon adding, tap Invite and get ready for a fun gaming experience with a group of buddies.

Creative Destruction: Cheat Tips to Help You Approach Victory

creative destruction gameplay

Focus on Your Daily Missions

Your desire to shoot things non-stop right when you enter the last-man-standing type of game is natural. However, at the end of the day, checking your dailies first would be more beneficial to you. With each completed mission, you grow both in terms of rewards and valuable experience. In addition to this, you also receive Exchange Medals for fulfilling missions. You can spend them on special chests featuring various rewards such as weapon skins, Star Coins, etc.

Collect Top-Notch Equipment

Not all equipment is made equal. Upon landing, focus on finding the best inventory out there. You can identify weapons’ strength based on their color. White weapons are ordinary, while the gold ones are the most effective. You need the strongest weapons, so let this issue be among your top priorities in the game. 

Utilize Your Dismantler

When you begin playing, dismantler is the only weapon you own. Sadly, it’s not very useful when it comes to eliminating your opponents. Nevertheless, make the best out of it right away. Throughout the game, you’re going to need piles of building material. Do your best to use your dismantler from the inside of buildings. That way, you will break down walls without exposing yourself to the enemies. 

At the beginning of each game match, invest time in gathering materials. Getting trapped without any building material on hand is not the best scenario for you. Found an enemy’s bastion? Feel free to use your dismantler to destroy it. Just don’t forget to quickly grab your gun once you catch sight of your opponent.

Prioritize the Safe Zone

creative destruction gameplay

In the Creative Destruction tutorial right before playing the actual game, you learn how to notice the safe zone and why you should avoid leaving it. Follow this strategy and avoid remaining in the storm. Instead, you can stick to the outer area of the safe zone waiting for the opponents who are aiming to hide from the storm. Upon seeing one or several of these players, feel free to shoot them down asap. And don’t forget that your enemies may come up with the same stay-in-the-safe-zone strategy, so looking around and staying alert is a must, dear friend.

Avoid Using up Your Quick Build Potential

Pressing F5 and instantly building a bastion results in consuming your Quick Build power. Certainly, it will regenerate after some time, but saving it is still the best choice. For instance, if you get trapped out of the blue, building a cover will be impossible. So we recommend that you engage in manual building practices and only exhaust all your Quick Build energy when your life in the game is at stake. 

Concentrate on Staying Safe

Your main goal in Creative Destruction is to survive. Therefore, you should always have a good hiding place in mind, even if you’re currently collecting building material or gathering weapons. Your opponents are always on the hunt, so avoid exposing yourself in the open battleground if you want to emerge victorious. 

Move When Attacking Your Opponents

Avoid underestimating your opponents and don’t forget that you are alone in this battle. Don’t stay at the same location for a long period of time, because that way, you significantly increase the threat of being attacked. Move, change your directions all the time, and your enemy won’t be able to get you even if they use a sniper.

Download Creative Destruction & Play Now

You still haven’t downloaded the game? Come on, hurry up, it’s 100% free. Stick with the Creative Destruction download for PC option or just install and play the game on mobile — go with the option that suits you best and let the battle royale fun begin. 

We’re always delighted to receive feedback from our readers. If you’re already enjoying the game and want more Creative Destruction cheats and hacks, let us know about it in the comment section below. Pillage the comment box if you have any game-related questions or suggestions as well. Your ‘is creative destruction cross-platform?’ question will be answered in one of our next posts. 

Don’t forget to bookmark our blog for further Creative Destruction news and updates. That way, you will be able to get back to our website as fast as possible and enjoy the latest tech news. We won’t let knowledge overpower you. But we’ll give you enough for you to bolster your video game savviness and achieve triumphant victories.

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