Best PC Games Under 10 Dollars for Quarantine Vacation

Best PC Games Under 10 Dollars for Quarantine Vacation on Blog

The COVID-19 quarantine seems to last longer than a couple of months, so it’s high time to download some good video games to kill long days in the isolation. We understand that it’s quite hard to get many $60 AAA titles, so we explored all the popular PC offers that are available for less than $10. If you’re tired of reading books and Netflixing, check out this list of 5 best games for a PC below $10. You will enjoy hours of gameplay and, what’s more important, your wallet won’t get empty too fast!

If you’re already used to seasonal discounts on Steam, GOG, and other platforms, you probably know that March and April are not generous months. For that reason, we picked up only those games that cost less than $10 independently from seasonal and holiday sales. However, you can catch each of the 5 titles below for a smaller price if you’re lucky. We also didn’t review free-to-play franchises as in-game purchases are usually far beyond that tag.

1. Terraria

Terraria Picture

Terraria is one of the best PC games cheap enough to surprise you with the price and quality ratio. It’s so good that it deserves to be on nearly every list of best games on our website. Terraria is a 2D analog of Minecraft that was created a few months before the Minecraft initial release.

In this game, you can create a custom character and traverse a randomly generated universe to search for loot and the best habitat. Your way will be full of scary monsters and unexpected consequences, which means that you have to be both brave and precautious to survive. Fortunately, you can build bases anywhere you want to respawn and recollect everything you lose. Terraria can provide you with hundreds of hours of exciting content, including locations for exploration, blueprints for crafting, and challenging battles with monsters. It’s a mature version of Minecraft that costs cheaper but provides more features.

2. FTL: Faster Than Light

 FTL: Faster Than Light Picture

FTL: Faster Than Light is another 2D project on our list that perfectly balances between the $9.99 price tag and superior gameplay quality. In this roguelike space strategy, you have to command a spacecraft and the entire crew to survive on the enemy territories. Due to the roguelike structure of the game, you will face hundreds of exciting random encounters that may either finish with a bargain or a challenging fight. Every victory will give you progress points to move on, but it’s incredibly difficult to win. You’ll have to try several losing strategies before you find the winning one. We recommend this game to all fans of real challenges.

3. Halo: Reach

Halo: Reach Picture

It’s quite surprising to see such a legendary Xbox title on the list of cheap PC games, but Halo: Reach is really available for your computer. It was launched as a part of the Master Chief Collection that costs $39.99, but you can also purchase it separately. There’s no sense in describing the game’s plot and features as it’s one of the most popular franchises ever. You’re guaranteed hours of the gorgeous screenplay, exciting dialogues, funny jokes, and mindblowing gameplay that never gets old.

Microsoft reworked the game’s graphics and added high-resolution textures to make it look more up to time. As a result, you can play an excellent AAA shooter in 4K resolution for just $9.99. Other classic chapters of the game, including Halo 2 Anniversary, Halo 3, Halo 3 ODST, and Halo 4, will be out later this year, and the price for each game will remain $9.99.

4. Don’t Starve

Don’t Starve Picture

Don’t Starve is an interactive graphical novel with roguelike elements and a unique visual style. You play a man dropped in the middle of mysterious nowhere. The lands around are full of secrets and threats, so you have to unravel the secrets as soon as possible to make the protagonist’s lifeline as long as possible. The entire universe looks like sketches to Tim Burton’s movies and animation, but you can not only watch but also interact with every little thing that comes on your way. It’s a heaven for exploration and experiments.

The base version of the game offers many hours of content, but you can easily double the length with several worthy DLCs that add both new stories and exciting puzzles to solve. Later, you can also try the continuation called Don’t Starve Together and play it with a friend or your loved one.

5. Steam World Dig

Steam World Dig Picture

Wild West is perhaps one of the most overworked concepts in movies and video games. Nevertheless, some genial minds manage to gove a breath of fresh air to the universe and make it great again. The same goes for Steam World Dig. This game combines a steampunk utopia with wild westerns stylistic and tons of sparkling humor.

You play a steam robot that embarks on an underground journey with its pickaxe blazing. The main story will take you around 8-10 hours to complete. However, you won’t feel hurried as all quests are chilled and adapt to your pace. When the game is over, you can skip to Steam World Dig 2. Unfortunately, it will cost $5 more than the original game, but it’s really worth it.

Bonus: GOG Classic Titles

Amongst all PC game stores, GOG is the most affordable one. Besides the new games for normal prices, it provides the largest library of classic video games for $10 and less. Moreover, all of them are DRM-free. Most of the classic titles are available on many websites, but GOG is the only source that updates old games to make them run smoothly on modern PCs and Macs.

Stay in Shelter

Now your coronavirus confinement won’t be so boring. Due to the Internet and computers, there are so many things to do stuck at home that you can easily while away weeks and months. But don’t forget to ventilate your place and exercise to avoid health problems caused by the lack of movement and follow the quarantine rules to stay calm and healthy.

If you know some more cool PC games below $10, you’re welcome to tell about them in the comments section below the article. You can also share the list with your friends to help them kill time.

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