The Sims 4 Update Introduces Muslim Culture Features

The Sims 4 Update Introduces Muslim Culture Features on Blog

Totally Eurocentric before, The Sims 4 game now makes an important step in including other cultural impacts. The anniversary update by Maxis, the actual developer of the game, introduces recognizable Muslim characters, as well as architecture and design elements obviously having prototypes in Muslim countries.

With this update, you can dress your characters up in traditional styles approved by Islam, including hijabs, kufis, traditional dresses of the Muslim nation. It also lets you build and decorate your home with Arabic, Turkish, or Persian traditional arching windows and doors, ornaments, and stair configurations.

Graham Nardone explains that this step is meant to provide more options for the players, so they can better identify their characters with their real selves.

Is Playing Sims 4 Halal at All?

While the developers obviously make a step towards Muslim players, the Islamic community is ambiguous about whether the game itself is acceptable. Some theologists argue that playing games like The Sims 4 are not allowed for Muslims because of lots of unapproved content, including dating and relationships, dancing, music, and Christian inclusions like Santa Claus appearing on Christmas.

Others reply that the sims’ behavior is completely up to the player, so it’s only sinful if you willingly make your characters break the moral code. Finally, some just recommend not to take gaming too seriously and pay more attention to avoiding sins in real life.

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