Instructions on Completing Fortnite Smash & Grab mission and Unlocking Prestige

Instructions on Completing Fortnite Smash & Grab mission and Unlocking Prestige on Blog

While Fortnite is all about challenges, completing some of them is trickier. It’s Week 4 of the current Season 10, and the current Fortnite update features Smash and Grab game challenges, all speed-based, requiring a swift response and quick actions. Unlike other challenges, each week different, this one is better to complete when you are aware of the challenges in advance. So, before you take your gamepad and get into the action, take these instructions responsibly and keep them in mind while playing.

The way you complete these challenges is similar to the way you do it on any other week. First, you only have three challenges; completing them unlocks others until you complete the first seven. And then you enter the prestige zone, with prestige challenges. Of course, these get harder – just like the name suggests.

These challenges are common, regardless of your platform. No matter if you’re playing Fortnite Android version, or that for PlayStation, or just on PC: they are the same. Select the platform you prefer and come on! Are you ready to accept the challenges? 

If you haven't played Fortnite yet, it's a good time to do so, and here you can read the review and download Fortnite from official sources for all possible platforms.

Section One

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Search a chest within 60 seconds after you land (*3)

It’s quite an easy challenge. If you don’t land in the middle of nowhere, there’s probably a chest within your reach. So you just need to keep from experimenting for just three times. Land where you know well, and find a chest; then you don’t even have to empty it – opening the chest is enough.

Land at a Hot Spot (*3)

This mission will also take three games, but it’s not quite easy to combine it with the previous. Each time the game starts, the hot spots are highlighted with yellow text; and each time you need to look up where the hot spot is located this time.

Deal damage within 30 seconds after using a Launch Pad (100)

Well, this one is a bit harder, because first you need to find a Launch Pad, and then deal damage. This mission is completely up to your luck and your insistence, because chances are you won’t do it right away. The only advice that can be given here is search for Fortnite Llamas, but it’s a quest in itself to find them. So you better just play, keeping Launch Pads in mind.

Search a chest within 30 seconds after another chest (3)

It’s another easy one. Just find a spot to land where you know a lot of loot can be found. But you better make sure you’re landing there alone, or your opponent can distract you from chest hunting. It can take just one game to complete it with a little luck.

Pick up a Legendary item in different matches (3)

Legendary items, aka gold tier items, aren’t easy to find. The only recommendation that can be given here is doing a lot of searching, as much of it as you can. Maybe you’ll be killed right after you find an item, given no time to actually use it, but it doesn’t matter after you grab it.

Search a Supply Drop within 10 seconds of it landing (3)

All you need to do to complete this challenge is to pay attention to the icons that mark the spots where Supply Drops land. Then run towards there and be near as it lands. There is a tip: if you select playing Fortnite Battle Royale in Team Rumble mode, Supply Drops will fall more often. So chances you’ll complete this quickly are better.

Deal damage to opponents at Hot Spots (200)

You already know how to find Hot Spots before the game begins. Just go there, stay within the Hot Spot, and hit the enemies from there. The most important thing you need to remember is that it’s you who should be within a Hot Spot, not the opponent you deal damage to. Dealing 200 damage in total to your opponents from there isn’t that hard.

Fortnite Smash and Grab prestige challenges

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And here come the harder challenges, that are called “prestige” for a reason. But there is nothing impossible in them; they just need a little more effort and a little more luck.

Search a Chest and an Ammo Box within 30 seconds after landing (3)

You’ll need to act fast and find the right spot to land, but if you do, that’s easy (even though you have to repeat it for three times). Just learn where chests and ammo boxes probably are at your favorite spots.

Destroy Loot Carriers within 60 seconds after landing from the Battle Bus (3)

These drones aren’t that easy to destroy; but they aren’t invincible either. There is an extra motivation: as they drop, you can search them and grab their loot which is usually quite rare.

Eliminate an opponent within 30 seconds after using a Launch Pad (1)

We’ve already seen a similar quest, but this time you need to be sure you have actually destroyed your opponent. And the time to do it is after you launch the Launch pad, not after you land on it. So take your time while you’re flying to track enemies and then immediately kill them!

Search three chests within 30 seconds of each other (3)

It’s a harder version of one of the quests above, and it takes knowledge where chests are usual, and a little luck. Just land at some spot away from the usual Battle Bus route, to make sure your spot won’t be overcrowded.

Pick up three Legendary items in a single match (3)

“Single match” is a serious restriction here, as Legendary items are just as rare as they say on the tin. You just need to play more games and stay alive longer; a very right thing to know but you knew all these Fortnite tips before me.

Collect 100 of each material within 60 seconds after landing from the Battle Bus (100)

Though this one seems easy, it’s one of the trickiest here. You’ll need to devote this minute to getting materials almost completely, protecting yourself in the meanwhile. Select the right spot rich in all sorts of materials, like Brute or Salty Springs.

Eliminate an opponent at a Hot Spot (3)

Stay at a Hot Spot and kill enemies. Simple to understand, harder to do. Well, this one can be achieved by playing and practicing only.

Is Fortnite a Shooter Game or something else?

We’re always pleased to see games like Fortnite expanding their missions on new gaming areas. Now you don’t just shoot and build, but also grab and smash. How do you like the prospect?

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