Secret Neighbor Arrives on PC and Xbox One

Secret Neighbor Arrives on PC and Xbox One on Blog

 If you fancy visually appealing and suspense-packed horror games, maybe it’s time for you to put Secret Neighbor through its paces. Secret Neighbor is a 2018 multiplayer spin-off to Hello Neighbor, and it’s just been released on PC and Xbox One. So feel free to jump in with a group of buddies and make the most of some goosebumps-inducing survival horror together.

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Behind Secret Neighbor’s Doors: Exploring the Game

The creepy Neighbor hasn’t changed, but the protagonist is no longer the same. As a matter of fact, the Secret Neighbor game features some new faces. There are six playable characters in the game: Bagger, Detective, Brave, Scout, Inventor, and Leader. Each of them is unique and possesses certain skills necessary for cooperation.  

Good news: you can now play as the Neighbor. But you can never tell who’s playing him because players receive their characters randomly. Are you playing the Neighbor in disguise this time? Your task is to hide it from the rest of the group and win the trust of each player. Once you find yourself behind the back of your ‘friend’ somewhere in the dark corner, take the sharpest knife in the room, and show them your real blood-thirsty face.

Secret Neighbor screenshot

In addition to this, when playing the Neighbor, you can take advantage of traps and a wide array of other tools to trick your unsuspecting buddies, as well as treat them to something scary and bloody… When you’re the Neighbor, your friends’ ultimate goal is to identify the threat and let others know about it as soon as possible.  

Certain objectives of the original Hello Neighbor title haven’t changed. Your task is to find the keys from the Neighbor’s basement in his house, open the door, and explore what’s inside. The whole thing is not as easy as it sounds. A lot of tasks are approachable only through effective cooperation. You will like the suspense and the intensity of the game: after all, anyone can be the Neighbor.

When in the Neighbor’s ‘shoes’, you invariably begin as a kid. As you progress, you’re going to need to activate specific machines that will initiate the transformation. As a result, you will be able to become the Neighbor whenever you wish — or even take the form of any object in the room. It makes sneaking from behind and scaring the hell out of your buddies especially fun and convenient.

Saying Hello to Secret Neighbor

Have you already played Secret Neighbor? How did you like the game? Is it better than Hello Neighbor? Come on, don’t be shy, and have your say in the comment section below. Let us know about your experience with this game and ask questions if you have any. HesoGames is the go-to place to read all the latest news related to the Secret Neighbor game. So don’t forget to bookmark us and get back to us from time to time. 

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