Fortnite’s Season 9 Ends with a Giant Battle between a Robot and a Monster

Fortnite’s Season 9 Ends with a Giant Battle between a Robot and a Monster on Blog

It’s always spectacular to see giant creatures fight; mighty unhuman forces are petrifying. That’s probably what motivated Epic to make the ending of Fortnite Season 9 as legendary as the publisher’s name.

Clash of the Giants

At the end of the season, the ongoing battle was suddenly interrupted, and the players witnessed the clash of the titans: a monster and an anthropomorphic robot summoned to the rescue.

Of course, the robot did its job (or there would have been no one left to talk about that). But the combat was so violent that it changed the landscape for the upcoming Season 10. There have been many players that recorded this unbelievable event, so now it can be found on various video hosting services, like YouTube or Vimeo.

Bigger Things to Come

The Season 10 is to start at August 1st or even later, so you have a decade (or even a fortnight! Pun intended) to relax. There is something just as grand ahead: Epic needs to go the same way Marvel or 007 franchise goes, making the next events more spectacular and thrilling than the earlier. It’s the necessity, as rivals like PUBG or Apex Legends follow too closely, and Fortnite, once an undisputable leader, needs to evolve within itself not to get boring. That’s the only way to keep the players attracted, so expect new fantastic events.

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