Fortnite Features a Crossover with Stephen King’s It

Fortnite Features a Crossover with Stephen King’s It on Blog

Fortnite is more than just a game now: it’s a cultural entity in its own right, and in this status, it can play by the rules of this league. For example, create crossovers with other entities of the same level. It, the second chapter of which is hitting the theaters this week, is exactly this sort of entity.

Fortnite: Grown Enough to Choose Partners

It (pun unintended) can even seem to have its logic. Where can a kid eater demon hide now? Real world makes it too vulnerable, but a game like Fortnite is just the right kind of place with lots of kids and very few fears because everybody expects it to be safe in real life.

The first signs of Pennywise somewhere around are already here, and they are just these red balloons you can see flying all over the island. This is more than a hint: this is an omen. Popping a balloon makes a devilish cackle that doesn’t promise anything good, though harmless so far for you to try.

A New Clown in a Circus

Lots of players may remember previous crossovers Fortnite featured; say, it once featured The Avengers in a limited-time event, and the impact of The Avengers was rather for Fortnite to benefit from than vice versa. But now the situation is quite different; King’s It is a great novel still, and the movie based on it is a hit, but not a cultural phenomenon like Marvel Cinematic Universe… or Fortnite. So it’s rather the movie that gets its promo than Fortnite. Again, it’s not the first time for Fortnite: it also featured a John Wick crossover not so long ago.

The overall impression of the crossover to come is that it will rather be funny than scary. Anyway, why not? Fortnite is not the sort of game to be taken too seriously, and its tongue-in-cheek attitude just enhances the fun. Hopefully, the crossover will cover all versions of the game, including Fortnite for PC and consoles.

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