ARK Survival Evolved Gets Updated For Autumn/Winter 2019

ARK Survival Evolved Gets Updated For Autumn/Winter 2019 on Blog

As the autumn starts, ARK Survival Evolved for consoles gets updated. Both Xbox One and PS4 versions get new patches with fixes and new content. The patches will be available on September 3, and the next update is already scheduled in December 2019.

Time to Wait, Time to Update

The updates contain both bug fixes and minor changes to the gameplay. The core remains the same: your character is still left to survive on an island inhabited by dinosaurs, and only crafting skills and swift response can save you and let you build a new civilization.

As the game is server-based, this may cause temporary downtime. For example, Xbox One players already see the servers down, making the game unplayable for a while. Studio Wildcard, the publisher of the game, confirms this and assures the players that the servers will be up again as soon as updating is complete. PS4 players probably won’t even notice the works.

Innovations Are Yet to Come

The next update may arrive sooner than it seems. While current updating fixes the technical issues and doesn’t impact the game content, the next one will be content-oriented. Though don’t expect anything revolutionary or previously unseen.

For example, the update may return transfers feature that has been already presented in the August update but then withdrawn, as it created an exploit that made the game vulnerable to malware. Now this feature, great for multiplayer mode, can return after fixing. But this will take a special update for both consoles.

There will also be some changes and fixes on Valguero map that has been introduced recently. The player will also be able to craft cryofridges and cryopods in an obelisk terminal zone, and craft supply crate inventory too.

The next update concentrated on more DLC will probably come in December and impact all the platforms the game is available for. We hope it won’t cause dramatic downtimes.

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