5 PC Gacha Games That'll Blow Your Mind

5 PC Gacha Games That'll Blow Your Mind on Blog

The mystical word “gacha” comes from Japan; like many other game terms, it transferred its meaning deep into the digital world. First, it meant a capsule-toy vending machine; you never knew what you had paid for until you opened it. Now the same mechanics can be seen in video gaming.

Well, it’s hard to tell a gacha-free genre. You buy chests in RPG and card games, not knowing what cards are in there. You purchase mystery boxes in Subway Surfers, and that’s gachaing too. Cynical minds may say that sending Super Likes on Tinder is also a gacha game. But let’s not go too far.

With all that in mind, there are also best gacha games 2019, with loot boxes as the core element. We selected the best PC gacha games and their mobile analogs.

Loot Box Simulator

Loot Box Simulator screenshot

As the name suggests, the game is fully gacha-based. But the mechanics is nothing next to its satirical charge, laughing at all the tendencies in the gaming industry and modern culture. It mashes up various cliches, from Darth Vader to legends of Osiris, from beauty obsession to gambling, and so on.

Lightweight and completely free, this game is available on Steam. It’s full of ads, both serious and funny. And don’t be surprised if you find in a lootbox another lootbox. Irony and the postmodern view is what makes this one an underrated masterpiece.

Gacha Life

Gacha Life screenshot

Lunime is insolent enough for a studio to put the genre into the name of the game. It has released a whole series of Gacha games that are, in fact, studios.

As for Gacha Life, outfit ideas of it are quite elaborate. You can create characters, adjust their appearance, clothes, accessories, weapons if necessary, make them strike various poses, put them in static or dynamic scenes. But to widen your opportunities, you’ll need bonuses that come in lootboxes. For these boxes you can play mini games… or just pay.

So what is Gacha Life? An express studio for manga makers – or a gacha game with a bonus for creative persons? There is one thing for sure: you better see it yourself to come to a conclusion. And you better do it on your phone or tablet, because a PC version hasn’t been getting updates for long.


Onmyoji screenshot

Onmyoji is a JRPG at its best. Not hiding its origins, it puts you to Heian Japan where your journey to the unknown starts. Then you’ll encounter magicians and dragons, demons and spirits, and onmyoji – the masters of mystery, the secret order that keeps the world from falling apart.

Well, it’s a JRPG, but what’s about gacha? Yo, it has some. In fact, you have to grind for a score to upgrade yourself, or gacha to accelerate. Not being solely a gacha gaming experience, Onmyogi also delivers beautiful visuals and core gameplay combining RPG and strategy elements. No wonder it’s getting high rates on Steam and, say, 5 out of 5 on Apple App Store. Its PC version, by the way, has very low requirements, greatly compatible with computers from the late 2000s.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission

Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission screenshot

It’s a very spectacular trading card action game based on the famous Dragon Ball universe. It features traditional card-based arena fights where characters of Dragon Ball come to combat each other. You lay your cards against your opponent’s, and then your fighters step up to the arena and fight each other, with spectacular visual effects. The visuals are at the edge of controversy, but, as for us, the game looks good with a little retro style both on Nintendo Switch and on PC.

Of course, you’ll constantly need new cards to unlock new fighters or to upgrade the existing ones. That’s where the gacha starts. Billions of cards are sold, but you never know what’s in this time. You win battles. You get your rewards. You spend them on gachaing. If you can’t find the card you need, you buy more. That’s how Dragon Ball Heroes becomes the most popular card trading game ever – and one of the best gacha games as well.

100% Orange Juice

100% Orange Juice screenshot

And now let’s see what anime fantasy can do on a chess-like board. The developer put together all the most spectacular anime elements, from robots to smart dogs, from technology to magic, and spiced it up with some strategic thinking. The journey of a protagonist named Kai into the terrible depths will result in spectacular fights, not so manga-styled, but very vivid and thrilling.

It’s the sort of board game where it makes sense to buy extra character packs. That makes it akin to card trading games. So there is no reason to explain why loot boxes. And you never know what’s inside: that’s gachaing.

100% Orange Juice is considered one of the best digital board games of the latest years. And these statements seem well-grounded. It will take some time to figure out the gameplay, but then you’ll deeply sink in.

Gacha and the Art of Self-Control

Here are just the games where gacha is the central element or the main part of the gameplay. As we have said, many games (including virtually all card-trading ones) have gacha elements. But these ones are the best to experience gacha mechanics… and not get played as you play. It’s your natural right to spend your money the way you like, but you better learn how to handle your thrill. And games with gacha as the core are great for that.

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