What you need to know about 'POKÉMON GO' ARMORED MEWTWO RAID

What you need to know about 'POKÉMON GO' ARMORED MEWTWO RAID on Blog

This July Pokémon GO players will witness the long-awaited return of Mewtwo, the Psychic-type Pokémon that’s now being reshaped and remade completely. The idea of altering the famous pocket monster has a lot to do with the upcoming movie. As Mewtwo will appear armored in Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution, the same armor will be added to the in-game one. The armor has been given to Mewtwo by Giovanni, the leader of the Rocket Team, as Mewtwo’s force grew strikingly uncontrollable.

Even without this innovation, Mewtwo, as a Legendary Pokémon, has been here for long, wanted and adored. Let us remind you (in case you joined later): Mewtwo has been around since Pokémon franchise was launched. And he has always been one of the most important ones in the balance.

The added armor doesn’t affect the type of Mewtwo: he is still a pure Psychic-type Pokémon. Resistant to other Psychic and Fighting ones, he’s vulnerable to Ghost, Dark, Rock, and Bug-type opponents. The armor may boost Mewtwo’s defense, but we don’t know yet whether it will, and how if it does. Instead, we know for sure that the armored one will be available in Shiny form too.

The Raid

The reappearance of Mewtwo will be supported by a special raid event. If you have unlocked Level 5 and are ready to Raid, join the closest raids this month and take your chance to catch Armored Mewtwo. Having him in your Pokédex is priceless. But we provide some instructions on taking him down for free. Enjoy.

The date is July 10, and the time is 4 PM EDT. The raids will go on until the same time on July 31. For all these three weeks Armored Mewtwo will be somewhere near. The more frequently you play, the higher your chances are.

Considering the type of Armored Mewtwo and other properties we already know, we selected the Pokémon that would be the best assistance in taking A-Mewtwo down. They are mostly Dark- and Ghost-type, so upgrade those you have, and keep the evolved ones healthy and trained!

Here are the ones we recommend:

  • Mewtwo. Paradox as it sounds, a strong regular Mewtwo is a good option against the same opponent. Don’t forget about Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball: these moves have proven the most effective. The next two Pokémon also work best with these two.
  • Gengar. Make the best out of this Ghost-type, and use Shadow Ball as frequently as you can. This is Gengar’s strong side.
  • Giratina (origin). The combination we recommend is especially strong with this one: Giratina is lethally good at playing Shadow Clawball.
  • Pinsir. This terrifying Bug Pokémon is great with X-Scissor and Fury Cutter. He is bad at defense, though, so you better invest in the attacks heavily.
  • Tyranitar. Combine Bite and Crunch: not the most original combo, but very efficient. If Mewtwo’s claws are like scissors, here’s the rock to win.
  • Weavile. Use the combination of Feint Attack and Foul Play. Both Ice and Dark, it’s a versatile attacker.

Ready to Mew?

Good luck! Hope you’ll add the Armored Mewtwo to your collection, and, if you’re lucky, he will be Shiny, and you too.

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