Top 10 Puzzlers to Play in 2019

Top 10 Puzzlers to Play in 2019 on Blog

There’s a multitude of excellent puzzle games out there. In this post, we’ve narrowed down this endless list to 10 creme de la creme puzzle games to play this summer. Whether you prefer tried and true titles or brand new puzzle games, the selection below is sure to tickle your fancy. So what are you waiting for? Exercise your mental muscles with these brain-busting puzzle games and then get back to this post and share your reviews with your fellow puzzle junkies.

The Tiny Bang Story: Atmospheric Hidden Object Puzzle Game

The Tiny Bang Story banner

In The Tiny Bang Story, your task is to collect the pieces of an asteroid that hit the imaginary world of this charming point-and-click game. The game will hook you up from the very start with its challenging (but beatable) puzzles, amazing art and excellent relaxing soundtrack. The Tiny Bang Story is the perfect game for a slow-paced laid back (yet very enjoyable) experience. So if you’re craving to switch from large games with too many tasks to a relaxed gaming style, this title is the perfect anxiety-free solution for you. The only thing you might dislike about this game is that it’s rather short. You’ll miss it when you’re done.

Divide by Sheep: Adorable and Addictive Math-Based Puzzler

Divide by Sheep banner

What would your reaction be if someone offered you to play a mind-boggling math puzzler involving division and cute little sheep being sliced in half? I bet, you would gently (or not too gently) let that Someone know that you have other things to do. However, if you give the Divide by Sheep game a try, you will actually enjoy the activities described above. You will love the game’s straightforward mechanics, awesome cartoon-like visuals and non-annoying sounds. Overall, Divide by Sheep is a funny and exciting game filled with refreshing puzzles. And it makes a superb traveling companion. 

Glass Masquerade: Classic Artistic Puzzler to Boost Your Brain

Glass Masquerade screenshot

Glass Masquerade is a unique artistic puzzle game featuring one of a kind stained glass designs in combination with relaxing soundtrack. The idea of the game is crystal clear: you explore the countries of the world via puzzles. Glass Masquerade is not an adventure, action or strategy. It’s entirely based on solving jigsaw puzzles. Glass Masquerade is great food for your brain with eye-candy graphics and great soundtrack. So if you’re a puzzle aficionado, chances are high that this game will appeal to your taste greatly. 

The Room: Enjoyable Single Player 3D Puzzler 

The Room screenshot

The Room is a fun 3D point-and-click puzzle game with stunning steampunk-style graphics, great soundtrack and straightforward mechanics. Your task is to beat five stages of the game. Each stage is represented by one room filled with tons of challenging non-nonsense puzzles. Excellent game to stimulate your brain, test your patience and fuel attention to detail. Even the mysterious atmosphere of the game itself is sure to suck you in. The puzzles are logical and just intricate enough. And there’s an excellent hint system to help you whenever you feel stuck. 

Pixel Puzzles Ultimate: Keep Your Girlfriend Busy for Hours

Pixel Puzzles Ultimate screenshot

Do you enjoy jigsaw puzzles? Then you will definitely fancy this game! Remember those cardboard puzzles you used to like? Now you can do those in a digital format. Pixel Puzzles Ultimate is a meditative free-to-start jigsaw puzzle game where you put together various motifs without focusing on a certain theme. The game keeps you (and your girlfriend) busy for hours. The relaxing soundtrack contributes to the overall laid-back atmosphere of the game. Pixel Puzzles Ultimate is an ideal stress release time killer game.

The Bridge: Brain-Frying and Mind-Opening

The Bridge screenshot

The Bridge is a logic puzzler inspired by the artwork of M.C. Escher. It’s going to remind you of a similar game called Braid. In The Bridge, you will manipulate gravity to turn the ceiling into the floor while moving through topsy turvy architectures. Each chapter of the game contains several amusing and provocative physics-based puzzles that will certainly tone up your mental muscle. The puzzles are smart, not over-complicated. The visuals are excellent, and the sound effects are cool. The Bridge is the kind of game that keeps you coming back for more over and over again.

SpaceChem: Programmer at Heart? You’ll Love It!

SpaceChem banner

SpaceChem is a chemistry-based programming puzzler which doesn’t necessarily require deep knowledge of chemistry or programming. The gameplay is about moving stuff from one part of the screen to the other while reorganizing it in a way. This game is not about coming up with an exact solution. It’s about designing your own one of a kind solution. SpaceChem is possibly the most challenging game you will ever play. The soundtrack is amazing. The music resonates with the gameplay beautifully and inspiringly. The puzzles become increasingly harder as you move through the game. It will make you angry. It will make you want to give up. It will make you come back for more.

LYNE: Your Ideal Puzzle Game Fix

 LYNE screenshot

Looking for a time-killing brain exercise? LYNE is exactly what you need. LYNE is a deceptively simple puzzler where you need to connect blocks of the same color with each other in order to pass the level. At a first glance, the game is rather basic. However, it’s brilliantly executed, blissfully relaxing and beautifully honest. As a result, the gameplay gets very addictive and therapeutic at the same time. It puts you in a zen-ish condition and eventually brings you that satisfying sense of accomplishment as you breeze through each level. You will like this game if you fancy using your brain even when it should be resting. 

Hexcells Puzzle Game: Challenging Without Being Frustrating

Hexcells Puzzle Game screenshot

Hexcells is a fun casual Minesweeper-like puzzler that features bright basic graphics, relaxing ambient soundtrack as well as pretty straightforward customizable controls. The game offers 30 meticulously designed no-nonsense puzzles that exercise your mind very well. The difficulty progression throughout the game feels just right, while the overall gameplay is enormously addictive. For a regular puzzle enthusiast, Hexcells may seem way too easy and short though. On the plus side, the game is immensely satisfying. So if you enjoy brain-stimulating puzzles, Hexcells is the game for you.

Antichamber Puzzler: Hardcore Puzzle Game

Antichamber Puzzler screenshot

If you love the Portal game or similar first person adventure puzzles, Antichamber is what you should definitely try playing. Antichamber is a psychological exploration puzzler that exists in a world created upon its own rules. It requires you to really start thinking out of the box to move through the labyrinthine chamber you find yourself in. Unlike the majority of puzzle games, this one has a distinct storyline. You slowly observe it develop as you make progress. A lot of puzzle game fans claim that Antichamber is one of the smartest puzzlers they’ve ever played. Sometimes you will think that you don’t play Antichamber; it’s Antichamber that plays you.

Are You Ready to Put Your Brain to the Test?

Did you know that puzzle games can improve your mental flexibility? Well, it’s a scientifically proven fact. You’ve probably felt that some of the best puzzle games you’ve played also cause you to relax, let go of all the negative thoughts and immerse yourself in a mind-stimulating world of fun riddles and brain teasers. So, are you ready to put your brain to the test and plunge into the relaxing puzzle-solving experience? Make the most of our awesome puzzle game selection published above! And don’t forget to bookmark our website to get back to even more up-to-date puzzle game listings, news and reviews.

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