Shift your gamer’s expectations: E3 2018 is near at hand!

Shift your gamer’s expectations: E3 2018 is near at hand! on Blog

When a long-awaited event gets very close, we completely lose patience and begin to count the days and hours before it starts. And we are glad to announce that the most anticipated exhibition for gamers and industry representatives from around the world E3 2018 is already on the way!

We held our breath and collect all the news about it. Rumors, intrigues, and real news about the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2018 appear from everywhere, and we painstakingly collect them for you.

So, from June 12 to June 14 in Los Angeles, California, the Los Angeles Convention Center will host the twenty-fourth exhibition of interactive entertainment Electronic Entertainment Expo, commonly known as E3 2018.

With 50,000 attendees in 2016, over 65,000 attendees in 2017, we expect to see even more impressing number of guests in 2018. There is a lot to see on E3 2018, and we think you are already prepared to take part in this exciting event!

Many companies have already confirmed their participation. Some of them are listed below (of course, the full list is much longer):

  • 505 Games
  • ArenaNet
  • Bandai Namco
  • Bethesda
  • Big Ben Interactive
  • Bionik
  • Capcom
  • Deep Silver
  • Epic Games
  • Gameworld Distributors
  • Gearbox Publishing
  • Microsoft
  • Natsume
  • Nintendo
  • SEGA
  • Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Ubisoft
  • Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
  • XSEED Games

You can see the advanced names of the industry in this list. The largest game development companies which are going to introduce the most anticipated titles on E3 2018 have already announced holding press conferences on the event. And that means we will hear about the future releases and novelties. So include the following dates in your June schedule. If you are a gamer to the core, you can’t afford missing these E3 conferences which will be available online for everybody.

The E3 2018 press conference schedule:

  • EA – June 9, 11 am PT/ 7 pm BST
  • Microsoft – June 10, 1 pm PT/ 9 pm BST
  • Bethesda – June 10, 6.30 pm PT/ 2.30 am BST
  • Ubisoft – June 11, 1 pm PT/ 9 pm BST
  • Square Enix – June 11, 10 am PT/ 6 pm BST
  • Sony – June 11, 6 pm PT/ 2 am BST
  • Nintendo – June 12,  9 am PT/ 5 pm BST

We decided to make a little prediction about the topics the companies will discuss at these conferences. And we hope, our forecasts will be close to the truth.

Our prediction about Sony

 We don’t expect to hear any shocking news about the Sony hardware. All because their latest novelty - PlayStation 4 Pro had been presented less than two years ago. And PS5 is not yet on the agenda. Shawn Layden, the President, and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment America has confirmed: new hardware won’t be introduced at the show.

The conference will be fully dedicated to the main Sony exclusives. Ghost of Tsushima, Spider-Man, Death Stranding, and The Last of Us Part 2 will be presented to the attention of a large audience. We can expect to know more about the latest updates, new game trailers, and deep dives. Waiting for some third-party publishers announcements and indie developers insights? We can almost give you a 100% guarantee, they will be on the Sony conference.

Our prediction about EA

We highly anticipate to find out more about Battlefield V on E3 2018. We already know that the game will be focusing on class and soldier customization. Nevertheless, we want more details from EA, and we are sure, we’ll hear a lot of them.

And something gives us the cue, that we will unravel a mystery of Anthem, another future Sony release. All that we know by now, that it’s an open-world action game, that is meant to be played in a multiplayer mode. To take a closer look at Anthem is the sweetest opportunity of the EA conference.

Of course, it was not EA, if they did not have a sports block. But we expect aside from it to hear an announcement of the next Need for Speed. Anyway, we would really like that.

Our prediction about Microsoft

All the E3 2018 attendees will have a possibility to visit an event for fans in the Microsoft Theater. There is no need to talk about the hardware after last year release of Xbox One X, so we expect a focus on the software topics.

Gears Of War 5, Halo 6, Fable 4, and HoloLens these are the gaming titles which we expect to hear about.

We can also predict that Microsoft won’t miss a chance to talk about Minecraft. And this time we hope the forecast won’t come true. Really, there was too much of Minecraft in previous years. There was no expo without Microsoft mentioning Minecraft. Of course, guys, that is your best game ever, but how much of it can stand a mere mortal?

Our prediction about Nintendo

 Nintendo, as always, promises to bring us a good show with a three-day live stream of new games. We are certain that loads of decent titles for Nintendo Switch will be announced.

We are positive about showing off Pokemon Switch on a public. This loud title can easily bring a victory to Nintendo on E3 2018. With the latest trailer from Super Smash Bros Switch, you can convince yourself that the game is more than just anticipating. The fans jump out of their shoes to get it as soon as possible.

There is a likelihood Nintendo will reveal the secrets of Animal Crossing, F-Zero and a continuation of Fire Emblem series. We’ll see...

Our prediction about Ubisoft

Ubisoft previously teased the Division 2, The Crew 2 and Beyond Good and Evil 2. And we are betting on these titles for E3 2018. Ubisoft traditionally surprises its fans on Electronic Entertainment Expos, and we think this year won’t be an exception.

Are they working on a new Splinter Cell game? We heard a lot of rumors about it. And some intrigue is always kept regarding Assassin’s Creed. Each year - original release of the franchise? It is not excluded, that this year Ubisoft will make a little pause to give the game a better development.

We can positively say, that the company will show a pirate shooter Skull & Bones and a space thriller Starlink: Battle for Atlas, an ambitious adventure by Michel Ansel Beyond Good & Evil 2, and perhaps a project for the franchise "Avatar" by James Cameron.

Our prediction about Bethesda

Fallout, Dishonored, Elder Scrolls and more. Are we going to hear something new about these titles as they are included in the Bethesda E3 2018 trailer? Or the characters from these games appeared in the video are only teasers?

Bethesda team has already announced “something special” to surprise the fans. As we can guess, the surprise will consider the name of Elder Scrolls or Dishonored, or both of them. What we can say a hundred to one, Rage 2 will be performed in more details and colorful facts. We also expect to hear something new about a supplement to the Prey, the continuation of DOOM, and to see the space role-playing game Starfield in the universe of Fallout.  

Our huge prediction about E3 2018

Thousands of gamers, hundreds of companies, and loads of titles and updates introduced. The world tournament on Splatoon 2 and a competition for the new Super Smash Bros. E3 2018 is going to be a fabulous event for every gamer in the world. Don’t miss it or you’ll certainly regret it!

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