Parents Choose: Best PS4 Kids Games

Parents Choose: Best PS4 Kids Games on Blog

As a caring parent, I always try to guess what my child wants and needs. But it’s often not that easy achievable as it seems to be and I guess most parents agree with it. No matter how old our kids 5 or 45, we always try to please them. Adults usually don’t catch Pokemon, grow farms or follow the PS releases. Therefore, guessing game preferences of our children and picking appropriate and fun games might be one of the hardest tasks in the parent's list.

My little princess is still too small for PS4 games, but we have a console in our house, and I've decided on getting her hands on a PS4 in a short time. So I’ve already created a list of some excellent titles that I will introduce to my daughter and for now just sharing it with you. Pick your favorites!

LEGO Dimensions

Developer: TT Games.

Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

Age Rating: PEGI 7; ESRB E10+.

Well, what list of the best games can go without the classic LEGO? No wonder why this game series has such a high popularity among kids as well as adults all over the world. Honestly, the child-friendliness LEGO Dimensions is one of the best PS4 kids games that I know and it’s is in the first place in the list for some weighty reasons. This game has everything that your child can desire: beautifully animated toys, favorite LEGO heroes, opportunity to create portals to travel and explore different parts of the game world and even more. Also, LEGO Dimensions has a lot of available expansions like The Simpsons, Lord of the Rings and others. So be ready to get excited by tons of content and picturesque characters and join the ranks of LEGO fans.

Minecraft: PS4 Edition


Developer: Mojang.

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Age Rating: PEGI 7; ESRB E.

Minecraft might be the same age as your child, but I'm pretty sure that your kid already knows more about this game than you. Minecraft is another well-known hit that should be on any list of the best games. So, I couldn’t skip it as well. Minecraft got its popularity due to the tons of freedom where your kids can create whatever they dream up and cooperate with other players. This way children learn how to work along with others, build beautifully designed worlds together, visit already existing ones and explore the game more and more for yourself. Even some schools use Minecraft for educational purposes.

LittleBigPlanet 3

Developer: Sumo Digital.

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Age Rating: PEGI 7; ESRB E.

Developer Sumo Digital continued a story of the fantastic LittleBigPlanet series and added lots of new costumes to download and three of new characters with unique super abilities to play. The game lets your kids make a character look the way they want it and create own levels as well as power-ups. The LittleBigPlanet 3 gameplay contributes to the development of children creativity and also gives a lot of fun while playing it. This game can be a perfect pastime for the whole family.

Ratchet & Clank

Developer: Insomniac Games.

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Age Rating: PEGI 7, ESRB E.

You may already be familiar with the Ratchet & Clank movie that was created based on the first game of this series. But in 2016 Insomniac Games released another version exclusively designed for Sony PlayStation consoles. The game follows the same story as 2002 original but brings some new elements to the space adventures of Ratchet and Clank. However, this Ratchet & Clank part feels more than just an action-packed remake and has lots of new tricks like a huge arsenal of weapons or new, unusual gadgets. Don’t be surprised if your kids want to play only this game after awhile. I warned you.

Peggle 2

Developer: PopCap Games.

Publisher: Electronic Arts.

Age Rating: PEGI 3; ESRB E.

Peggle 2 is one of the best puzzle games designed for PS4. It has incredibly beautiful graphics, exciting gameplay with lots of levels and funny characters. This game can easily make players of all ages addictive to it, so no wonder why that many people keep coming back for more. And the lovely playful unicorn will not leave anyone indifferent and will simply get all your baby’s attention.

Just Dance 2016

Developer: Ubisoft.

Publisher: Ubisoft.

Age Rating: PEGI 3; ESRB E10+.

Just Dance 2016 is such game that will be interesting for both little ones or elderly because it’s just fun to play. Who doesn't like to dance? Especially if some music hits are playing? Here we go! Every kid loves dancing. Moreover, the game lets kids play the game without the PlayStation Camera as long as there is a smartphone connected. So find a song for your children’s style and let them twirl and swirl making slides, splits, and moonwalks with their favorite music. Just Dance 2016 is a great way to make your kids move and spend some energy that usually overfills them.

Rocksmith 2014

Developer: Ubisoft.

Publisher: Ubisoft.

Age Rating: PEGI 7; ESRB E.

Rocksmith 2014 is another musical game that will be loved by all kids who learn how to play guitar or want to try. It has a lot of tracks to choose from, and the whole playing process looks fun from the beginning till the end. Your kids won’t just pick up an instrument; they will try to learn how to play it by getting direct instructions and explanations. Rocksmith 2014 can also be highly enjoyable for teens and even for their parents.

Rayman Legends

Developer: Ubisoft.

Publisher: Ubisoft.

Age Rating: PEGI 7; ESRB E10+.

Rayman, Globox and Teensies are here again, and a new fantasy adventure begins. But this time you will find more game modes, characters, maps, uniquely-themed levels and soundtracks. Playing this game your kids will be able to connect online with their friends and challenge if they want to check skills and speed or cooperate if they want to play just for fun. No doubts that your children will remember this game like one of the best platformers on PS4. It’s a colorful, highly polished game with plenty of picturesque characters, multiplayer mode and beautiful background music.



Developer: Thatgamecompany.

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Age Rating: PEGI 3; ESRB E.

Flower is the best game for the smallest players because if your kids still don’t know how to use a controller properly, they can just tilt and move it. Flower features a unique control scheme that uses the PS4 controller's built-in gyro meter so your kids can easily play the game this way. Also, there is no complex gameplay or storyline. Kids just play with a gust of flower petals swirling around beautiful landscapes in no time which looks quite lovely and has a pretty relaxing effect.

The Pinball Arcade

Developer: FarSight Studios.

Publisher: FarSight Technologies Inc.

Age Rating: PEGI 7; ESRB E.

The Pinball Arcade is an exciting game for older kids. It has so many versions and additional packs that you can play this game for dozens of hours. The pinball tables are recreated in digital forms in the game and look quite realistic. Moreover, there is a fantastic selection of pinball tables available, so everyone will find something that likes. Unconditionally, The Pinball Arcade is the best way to play virtual pinball.

Hope, you found something from the list for your kids that will be both fun and appropriate for their age. Also, keep in mind that if we forbid our children from doing something they will only have more interest in it. So don’t limit the child and let them play video games. Not for long, of course, but this way they will not spend days and nights playing games after growing up.

Do you have other PS4 games to offer? Share and discuss them with parents in the comments. Have fun playing!

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