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Kingdom Hearts New Game Release For Mobile on Blog

Developers of Kingdom Hearts series, Square Enix company, have recently announced the new game Project Xehanort is coming this Spring on Android, Amazon, and iOS mobile platforms. The new game was announced via the official page of the company on Twitter. They did not reveal much information, though.

Actually, they did not give us many clues about the upcoming game. All they shared was the screenshot with a villain from Kingdom Hearts Xehanort, looking younger, holding chess in his hand. Developers offered their fans to take part in a creative quiz. They asked the audience to try and guess the name of the upcoming game. You can try to guess the name of the game and what it is about.

What Do We Know About Xehanort?

We may see Xehanort, the evil guy from Kingdom Hearts Universe in the screenshot. He looks really concentrated over the chess game. But we already have seen him playing chess almost every time at the beginning and the end of the game. The guy always comes up with the new plan of trying to conquer the Kingdom Hearts. He appears in different Kingdom Hearts games, traveling in time, stealing other character’s bodies. This time he looks much younger. Will we be able to see his story?

You definitely should go and try to guess the name of the new game on the official website of developers. And don’t forget to share your guess with us after you write it to Square Enix. Are you waiting for the new game?

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