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If you’ve enjoyed playing the Hello Neighbor video game, you’re probably looking for the best Hello Neighbor alternatives now. Today’s your lucky day, because we’ve rounded up five top rated games like Hello Neighbor and reviewed them for you. They’re fun, visually stunning, suspenseful and overall spine-chilling — just the way you like them. 

Hello Neighbor is a stealth horror game where you play as a little boy on a mission to figure out what his super creepy neighbor hides in the basement at his house. Need some more horror and suspense? Browse through video games like Hello Neighbor reviewed below and enjoy the shivers running down your spine while playing. 

Kholat: Atmospheric and a Pleasure to Look At

Kholat game screenshot

Kholat is a walking-based exploration adventure game with elements of horror. It revolves around a morbid real life mystery referred to as the Dyatlov Pass incident — an unfathomable death of nine Russian students hiking in the desolate Ural Mountains. While playing Kholat, you will find yourself immersed in the boundless and haunting atmosphere of dark forests and snow-covered views. You will be thrown on this dark scene totally empty-handed, without having a clue where to go.

Your mission in the game is to find out what exactly happened during the horrifying Dyatlov Pass Incident. Just like Hello Neighbor, the Kholat game is visually appealing and mysterious in nature. In a way, Kholat is the video game where the horror effect comes from the overall immersive atmosphere as opposed to the unimaginative blood-and-gore-everywhere tricks and jump scares. We recommend playing Kholat in the dark with headphones on.

Serena: Slow-Burn Interactive Horror Story 

Serena game screenshot

In this point-and-click adventure video game, you play as Serena’s husband who’s been waiting in a secluded getaway cabin for his missing wife to return. He doesn’t remember anything about Serena. Upon exploring the objects in the cabin, his memory gradually returns, which, however, doesn’t soothe his haunting anxiety. The gameplay mechanics are straightforward. You explore the room of the cabin and study each object you find there.

It should be stressed that Serena is more than a video game. It’s a slow-burn type interactive story. The tension builds slowly to unravel the creepy ending. At first, you don’t have a clue what’s going on. Then, with every click you collect the details of the storyline and use that knowledge to solve the whole puzzle. Overall, if you’re into suspenseful horror games with elements of exploration, Serena will totally tickle your fancy. 

Layers of Fear: Scary Good Hello Neighbor Alternative

Layers of Fear

Layers of Fear is a psychedelic horror game. You play as an artist who is desperately trying to finish his masterpiece painting, while losing his mind in the process. If you’re looking for games like Hello Neighbor, you should definitely try this one. Layers of Fear stands out among other horror games because it doesn’t feature any specific enemy to fight or escape from. It’s the ‘environment’ that’s horrifying and dangerous. 

Layers of Fear is a fine example of flawlessly shaped horror. The atmosphere of the game is brilliantly dark and haunting. You will hear the sounds of heavy raindrops outside your window, with paralyzing bursts of thunder roaring from the sky. The graphics feature enchanting elements of decor that date back to the 19th century. What is more, you will love the soundtrack. It resonates perfectly with each emotion evoked by the gameplay. To cut a long story short, Layers of Fear is a second to none horror game. 

Amnesia: The Dark Descent — Genuinely Terrifying


Horror games are a very specific genre. What scares some people to death won’t even make others raise their eyebrow. However, amidst the variety of opinions, there’s one game that’s truly unique: Amnesia: The Dark Descent. According to thousands of game lovers, Amnesia is the scariest game they’ve ever played. 

Amnesia is a first-person survival horror game. Daniel, the main character of the game, wakes up after drinking a memory-erasing mixture (hence the title). You will soon figure out why Daniel preferred to forget, and boy oh boy, believe me, you would’ve wanted to forget as well. Literally empty-handed and scared to death, you find yourself in a dark, creepy castle filled with horrors that await you when you least expect it.

Amnesia is dark, eerie, slow burning and immersive. There may come a point when you will be terrified to continue playing, feeling too scared and powerless in your decisions. If you like combat, Amnesia is not for you. There’s only survival here. But the game will manage to chill you to your core. So if you’re craving a good old school scare, don’t let this gem of a game slip away.

Dead by Daylight: Scary and Fun

Dead by Daylight

Out of all five games mentioned in this post, Dead by Daylight is the least scary one. It’s an addictive multiplayer game featuring 4 Survivors and 1 Killer. Survivors are trying to repair five generators to activate the exit gates, while the killer is (naturally) trying to catch them and kill them all. Dead by Daylight is the cat-and-mouse type of game which is especially fun to play with friends. 

Avoiding the killer only sounds easy in theory. In reality, it takes a lot of effort. Overall, Dead by Daylight is an awesome multiplayer game experience, with worthy challenges, nice co-op and a scary atmosphere for any horror game fan to plunge in. The game is not totally polished, but it’s definitely scary and lots of fun. 

Games Like Hello Neighbor. Or Even Better

Now that you’re familiar with the video games similar to Hello Neighbor, you’re probably thinking that some of them may turn out to be even better than you expect. Which out of today’s batch of horror games sounds most appealing to you? Which of them would you start playing this very second? Share your thoughts in the comment box below and get the discussion going.

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