GTA V Celebrates with $1M Bonuses and Other Gifts

GTA V Celebrates with $1M Bonuses and Other Gifts on Blog

GTA V seems to have been around forever, even in its new incarnations like GTA V Online. It’s just been new, and now it celebrates an anniversary, making it loud and proud. The overall bonus for the players is ginormous: it’s enough to log in by October 2 to receive a $1M in in-game currency.

It’s not so simple, though: the money will be sent to your deposit in Maze Bank, and you will be able to deal with it only after October 9. Before that time, you will need to enter the game at least once to confirm you’re in.

A Million Is Not Enough

It would be no fun to only celebrate with money giveaways. So Rockstar has something else: logging in on celebration days will get you a Declasse Logo White Tee. It’s enough to log in and play online to get it.

Another bonus awaits at all the events of the Survival Series. The rewards you get for these are all doubled up. These events are also worth checking because of seven new ones introduced, including confronting Juggernauts in the Nuclear Bunker or defying an attack by Ballas.

Mobile Operations also come these days with a double reward. You can also purchase Mobile Operation Centers at a 40% discount. Other discounted items include upgrades for Benny, weapons, and various Declasse vehicles.

Finally, there is a secret mission you need to get drunk to complete. To prove you’re a Drunken Master, you need to retrace the steps of your boozy-woozy self. Of course, it doesn’t take getting drunk in real life.

Not Absorbed: Summed

The anniversary celebration doesn’t absorb other events held the same days on a regular basis. You still have your daily free spins in the Resort and the Diamond Casino. This week you have a chance to win a Declasse Mamba roadster. There are new accessories and outfits by these casinos as well.

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