Fortnite vs. PUBG: Which One is the King of the Royal Battle?

Fortnite vs. PUBG: Which One is the King of the Royal Battle? on Blog

The royal battle game genre has begun a new epoch in the online gaming and spawned two iconic titles competing: Fortnite vs PUBG. Despite that both titles are relatively new - both were released in 2017 — they saw a meteoric rise to superstardom. Enter the battle arena in either game, and you'll find about 2 million people riddling each other with bullets. At any time of day.

And now - just like The Beatles and Rolling-Stones in the 60's — Fortnite and PUBG have a stand-off, competing over the crown of the battle royal game genre.

We've analyzed weak and strong aspects of both BRGs to give you a better understanding of what they are good for. But, to quote Far Cry 5, it's only you, who can decide which game really deserves the royal regalia.

Player 1 — Fortnite: cartoonish and funny  

What's unique?

Although Fortnight was inspired by PUBG, which debuted earlier, it's hard to call that game a cheap, lifeless clone or a shameless rip-off. On the contrary: Fortnite has a unique touch of creativity that makes you think strategically in order to survive. Something, not every action game can boast of.

And of course, the most significant difference that makes Fortnite stand out is its fort-building systems. Depending on how fast you are at collecting the building materials and how clever your fortification tactics are, you have a chance to gain the upper hand.

At times it looks like Fortnite drew a part of inspiration from Minecraft or Terraria too: you have a pickaxe, you have resources, and you have structures to erect.

Walls, ramps, mini-bunkers, watchtowers - every single one of them can be used as a bullet-absorbing cover and serve as a real life-saver. Some players go to such extremities as building the one-mile-high Babylonian towers that serve as a splendid sniping position. In case you encounter something similar — simply destroy the load-bearing elements to make it collapse.

Gameplay, arenas & modes

Your deadly adventure begins as you sit in a bus dispatched from a balloon, waiting for the moment you can set your foot on a massive island, where the cartoony bloodbath is going to take place.

As soon as you've parachuted, run and search for weaponry, various potions, health kits and construction materials of course. That scavenging process must be speedy: if your adversaries manage to find the goodies faster than you, the game may end abruptly.

In total 100 players may join the royal battle in Fortnite. At first, it may look tedious: you have a vast arena and a crowd of enemies, some of which may resort to a camper's strategy, lurking somewhere there like alligators and waiting for you to pass by.

However, it's just a misconception. The map steadily shrinks on its own, inevitably forcing the combatants to collide. This is the distinguishing feature of the battle royal genre, and it actually livens things up. Hate it or love it, but the fact that the next minute you're going to run into your foes makes things spicy and charges your blood with adrenaline.

Unlike PUBG, Fortnite has only one arena so far. To compensate for such a severe austerity, developers literally bombard the fan community with modes and updates.

Here's what we have on the list:

  • Vanilla mode - every man for himself.
  • Duo mode - you play with a friend/stranger against other deadly duets.
  • Squad mode - four players, assigned to each squad.
  • 50v50 - two massive armies collide till the last soldier stands.
  • Sniping mode - sniper rifles only.
  • The Floor is Lava.
  • Fortnite: Save the World - another zombie apocalypse horror mode.

Along with a kaleidoscope of modes, Fortnite offers continuously updated challenges. For instance:

  • Ragnarok - win a certain amount of XP and earn a freezing pickaxe or one of the special outfits.
  • Drift - Rift Edge pickaxe + one of the special outfits.
  • Road Trip - earn an exclusive skin, etc.

Challenges are separated into 2 types:

  1. Weekly - a weekly challenge is related to a current Fortnite season, and it can be accepted by a player, who owns the BattlePass. Such challenges demand you to do a number of kills, using a specific weapon, search for some mysterious location or loot treasure chests. The bounty doesn't have to be earned during a single week - just finish a challenge until the season ends.
  2. Daily - this one resets every 24 hours, and the regular award is +500 XP points. The reset time is specific for every region.


Fortnite has a rich assortment of weapons of all types. Humble handguns and monstrous rocket launchers, elegant sniper rifles and silent crossbows that are great for stealth action. Any roughly realistic tool of destruction you can fancy can be found here.

They look remarkably close to their prototypes, however handling those guns doesn't seem to be very authentic. Bullet spread or recoil isn't a big problem in Fortnite - just don't press the fire button without a pause, and your shooting won't suffer much. Naturally the deadlier weapon, the slower it recharges.

Upgrading your arsenal isn't much of an option either, but finding/winning exclusive, trophy weapons is. And of course, authors regularly add something new to the ammunition inventory.

For example, the Heavy Sniper Rifle has been announced on August 12. Its unique feature is about inflicting terrible damage on the structures, but at the same time, it's extremely slow to handle. A player armed with it will either need a partner, who'll build a solid cover for them or a talent of changing the location swiftly.

A humorous touch is present as well. For example, you can enjoy the boogie-woogie bomb, which makes everyone affected bust a couple of dancing moves against their will, while a disco ball appears out of nowhere to make the situation look even more uproarious and absurd.

The vehicle choice is a little bit meager - all you get is Terrain Karts (4 people) and also supermarket carts (2 people).


Fortnite has a third-person view and some excellent cartoonish aesthetics, diluted with believably realistic weapons. Although some may call it childish, the game's art style nicely punctuates Fortnite's silly and humorous nature. And when it's put together with dynamic and upbeat gameplay, we get something that looks quite dashing, especially when compared to CS:GO-like realistic military simulators.


One of the Fortnite's biggest strengths is its free-to-play status. As for paying a few extra dollars - you can buy the BattlePass, which will unlock access to new skins, emotes and challenges. Although it should be mentioned that some especially gorgeous skins cannot be earned through grinding. And parting with almost $20 is unavoidable if you genuinely want to look cool.

Skin customization is next to boundless though. And you can dress your character up in a pink plush teddy-bear suit and name them Captain Huggington. If you'd like it of course.

Another unique trait of Fortnite is that it's practically free from the play-to-win stigma, which ruined so many promising games and keeps plaguing the industry.


Fortnite is multiplatform and available for:

  • Windows PC
  • MacOS
  • PlayStation 4
  • Xbox One
  • iOS
  • Nintendo Switch
  • The Android version is yet to be released. So far only a Beta version is available for testing.

Player 2 - PUBG: Serious and challenging

What's unique?

Inspired by the Japanese movie "Battle Royal" and possibly Star Wars: Battlefront, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is the game that allowed the genre to skyrocket in less than one year. And unlike its cartoonish colleague and competitor, PUBG takes a more serious approach to the graphics, playing style and general atmosphere.

PUBG has a bit slower tempo than energetic and upbeat Fortnite. It looks like the creators aspired to design a solid and highly believable war simulator with a cinematographic touch. A game that would produce a long-lasting impression upon a player.

As of summer 2018, PUBG has attracted 50 million players worldwide, earning approximately 1.5 billion US dollars.

Gameplay, arenas & modes

The game has already a classic beginning.  You start off sitting on a plane and then a parachute, which gives you a freedom of choice of where to begin your survival odyssey, which leads to a killing spree. After you've landed, you need to start patrolling the territory right away, searching for ammunition and other stuff necessary to keep you alive.

The arenas don't seem to be as colossal, as Fortnite's only map, so learning your way around them won't take you much time. And to stimulate dynamics PUBG does its trademark move, later emulated by Fortnite. After a while, a blue force field circle appears on the map, steadily closing up over the course of time. The fewer players remain alive - the faster the circle moves. Players have to avoid that blue circle because it damages HP. As a result, the final confrontation is inescapable.

Unlike Fortnite, PUBG has four different maps. And each one of them, in turn, can boast of a unique landscape. In other words, to gain the victory, you need to design your stratagems using unique traits of every landscape to your advantage.

The three most popular maps include:

  1. Erangel - a massive arena, allegedly located in Russia. It's vast - 8x8 kilometers and has different weather conditions whenever you begin playing anew. It has mixed terrain: forest, sea, urbanistic area, etc. Getting control over a vehicle is critical, as long as adapting to changing visibility and developing different tactics, depending on unstable climate.
  2. Miramar - this map mimics Central America and therefore has desert terrain mostly with occasional urban areas. It has the same size as Erangel, but requires different strategies.
  3. Sanhok - located somewhere in Thailand, Sanhok is a smaller map - its size is only 4x4. It consists of islands and small towns. Its primary survival tactics include staying on foot, resorting to stealth action, using a silencer and doing quick reckoning in the beginning.

As for the modes, PUBG can offer:

  • Ranked play - play solo, in a duo or a full squad of four people.
  • Zombies - players are separated in humans and zombies. Players in either party have to work cooperatively.
  • War - a classic deathmatch.
  • Special events - a time-limited offer, in which you're thrown into unique and even bizarre conditions each time. For instance, Metal Rain event features the flare guns, which when applied correctly summon exclusive treats right from the skies.

Unfortunately, matchmaking in PUBG is quite imperfect. Most of the time greenhorns have to confront more experienced players, who have no sentiments about taking the newcomers down. What's even worse, cheaters aren't a rarity in PUBG either.


PUBG is especially serious when it comes to weaponry.  Every gun is an astounding recreation of its physical, and each weapon class has a variety of firearms from all epochs and parts of the world.

For instance, among sniper rifles, you will see pre-WWII Karabiner 98 Kurz and hardcore VSS Vintorez, utilized by Russian Spetsnaz. Weapon enthusiasts will be rejoiced to find such eccentric rarities as a Wild West Winchester and Tommy Gun from Al Capone's time.

Each weapon of choice can be modified through the attachments. They'll both make it deadlier and allow you to gain some evident tactical advantage. For instance, the flash hider will make it harder for the enemy to locate you, the light grip will make handling easier and silencers will make you a stealth ninja.

In case you're a fan of shooting arrows - crossbows and quivers are at your service.

The vehicles are present in PUBG too: boats and cars will let you cover large distances in no time. However, the whole vehicle thing is kinda flawed. First, to make the joyriding happen you need to collect gasoline, Second, they are pretty hard to control at times, especially when bugs occur. The glitchiness that you risk to testify is just adorable.


In terms of graphics, PUBG is an absolute champion in the Fortnite vs. PUBG competition. Of course, Fortnite has its own unique silly and cartoony vibe, but PUBG manages to create a realistic and eye-pleasing picture.

Plausible physics, lighting & shades, bullet effects, and decent sound design make the game quite enjoyable. Well, if you don't mind random bugs and occasionally glitchy fps of course.

By the way, another great advantage that PUBG has is the switchable player's view. You can shift from first-person to third-person view anytime, and each regime provides certain help. Depending on the situation keep the 1st-person view to make more precise shots or choose a 3rd-person mode to have a broader scope.


So far it's the worst aspect of PUBG. Charging 30 dollars for the game wasn't enough. And the authors introduced a dreadfully cumbersome system of buying extra stuff.

In order to get new skins for your character or weaponry, you should gain access to special crates. These crates can be bought for BP - the in-game currency that you're awarded for successful playing. And it's only half a trouble. The crate needs to be unlocked and:

  1. Some crates don't require key and therefore come free of charge.
  2. You need to buy a key for $2.50.

Moreover, there's an Event Pass now, coming at a price of $10. It enables you to participate in special events and challenges and also be rewarded with the Level 30. However, the fan community found that innovation rather unsatisfying. Gaining the Level 30 and struggling with XP limits caused an uproar and the decreasing number of players is a living proof [1].

At least there's a Steam Marketplace for the game, where you can gain Steam credits selling the loot you don't need or like.


PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds runs on:

  • Windows
  • Xbox One
  • iOS
  • Android
  • PlayStation 4 release is still in question, but the developers alluded to have the game released on every popular platform in existence.

Fortnite vs. PUBG: Who Won?

This question is a tough nut to crack. Both games have their appealing and repelling aspects actually.

Fortnite can brag about:

  • Variety of modes
  • No pay-to-win
  • Wholesome community with a small percentage of cheaters.
  • Structure-building elements.
  • An adorable sense of humor.

And PUBG can be proud of:

  • Amazing visuals.
  • Striking realism.
  • Variety of maps/landscapes.
  • Modifiable weapons.
  • Significant opportunity for strategizing and creativity.

It would be best to say that we have a tie here. Well, a tie with a slight dominance of Fortnite Battle Royal, since it has no frustrating microtransactions, unnecessary XP-earning caps, and unfair matchmaking. Plus it's free to play in the first place.

But if you're only beginning your electrifying adventure in the battle royal genre and don't know which game from these two to choose, Fortnite Battle Royal would be more acceptable than PUBG.

First of all, you won't have to part with your $30 in case you find yourself disappointed. Second, despite being free Fortnite is a cleverly designed game that knows how to keep you engaged, thrilled and excited for hours.

But if you prefer optically delicious games and your passion for devising tactics and strategies is unquenchable - PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is 100% your go-to. Despite its specific flaws, it's still a game of quality, and it is worth its price.

The winner in the Fortnite vs. PUBG standoff is Fortnite Battle Royal for being free, accessible, multiplatform and just hilarious.

[1] https://www.techspot.com/news/74966-playerunknown-battlegrounds-player-count-plummeting.html

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