Fortnite Season 7: Still Expect for More to Explore

Fortnite Season 7: Still Expect for More to Explore on Blog

Fortnite has started its seventh season, and it brings a solid set of new features. If you haven’t discovered them yet, we’re glad to inform you about what innovations Fortnite Season 7 has in store. It affects nearly everything about the game, though leaving the mechanics intact. So the players will experience the same story in the noticeably updated entourage.

If you’re reading this, you might be too late for its start, but Season 7 is to last until the end of February 2019, so you still have enough time to participate in its challenges and tournaments, as well as enjoy new features it brings.


What you’ll see first is the revamped appearance of the game. The weapons now can be redesigned the way you like them to look. Some minor innovations affect the menu; anyway, they don’t kill the pleasure and offer rather cosmetic changes. The minimap is reviewed to become more informative.

More new looks come from biome changing. It’s winter this season coincides with, and the island becomes a bit colder and snowier, too.

Battle Pass Innovations

Those who opted for Battle Pass can now enjoy tons of new-looking outfits, wraps, pets and all the stuff they pay for. None of these can affect the gameplay, except for making its owner easier to recognize by their party members. Battle Pass owners can also get new stars and up their level by completing weekly challenges.

New Battle Pass users can accelerate their progress with buying Battle Bundle that gets them 25 tiers up from the start. So if you have just decided to join the Passer community, you’ll benefit from it and get on par with those who entered before you.

But the most impressive one is Creative Mode – not “Fortnite meets Minecraft”, but something very alike. So you can have your own island and make it what you’d like. This mode is in early access for everyone since December 13th, but still, it’s worth exploring and trying. It seems that Fortnite is to introduce the third major mode, alongside with Save the World and Battle Royale.


The map now has some new locations added. Polar Peak with a small castle on the top of the iceberg, Frosty Flights to the west from Polar Peak, and small town Happy Hamlet down south, where Flush Factory used to be. Quite logically for the winter update, they are all located within snow biomes. The surfaces are frozen there (you experience it even before the bus starts off), and you can slide down on them.

Transportation got a bit easier due to the introduction of Ziplines. Hanging on one of these, one can easily get from some high point on the map to where the zipline heads, with no necessary equipment to collect. This introduction added even more dynamics to the game.

Expedition Outposts are new to Fortnite, too. They can be found near Ziplines, and the Stormwing planes (see below) are somewhere around. These Outposts are spread evenly throughout the map, so it’s hard to visit them all and complete the mission of killing other players at the Outposts.

Weapons and Equipment

The first thing to notice is the introduction of new skins. They are Lynx, Zenith, Sergeant Winter, Trog, Powder, onesie, and Ice King, and they’re available with both Free Pass and Battle Pass. As you up your tier, these skins get updated too.

One of the greatest gameplay-affecting innovations is the Stormwing plane. It looks like a biplane of the early XX century, but it’s a powerful assistance if you want to escape the storm. It does move faster than the storm front, so it can save your life for the final showdown. It can seat your group of five players (including the pilot). These planes can be found near Expedition Outposts, and that may help in finishing the missions sooner by visiting more Outposts on a plane.

Balloons are reviewed. Now they’re no obstacle if you want to use some other equipment or weapons at the same time. It takes three Balloons to take off; you start up as you attach the third one.

There are also new vaulted items like Shadow Stones, Clinger, Chiller, Shockwave Grenade, Port-a-Fort, and Double Barrel Shotgun. Go looting for them to explore!


In addition to new Tournaments introduced in Fortnite Season 7, there are other challenges, like Letter Hunt (yes, like in some mobile runners) and pair competition. The pairs will be selected among the players of approximately the same rank, so your progress will mean stronger opponents.

If you haven’t joined the Tournaments from the beginning, you haven’t lost critically much. The matter is that the results of any Tournament don’t affect the following ones. As the new Tournament begins, all your story gets cleared, and you restart from the beginning as if you got reincarnated.

Each Tournament is announced beforehand, from the day it starts to the time it ends, so you have times to prepare. If you started a Tournament, come on and participate like it’s your survival!

So, Fortnite Season 7 is dynamically developing, and no one knows what its 2019 part may bring. At least some innovations introduced this season can make a major change in Fortnite aesthetics. And players will enjoy learning more details about the already familiar world.

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