Fortnite Battle Royale Population Continues to Rise

Fortnite Battle Royale Population Continues to Rise on Blog

The Fortnite Battle Royale population growth displays no signs of waning, that’s for sure. But how many people play Fortnite exactly? Only Epic can provide the exact numbers when it comes to answering this question. It’s a well-known fact that Fortnite is currently one of the biggest video game crazes out there. But is it the most popular video game of all? We’ll share the most recent info on the Fortnite player count to help you get closer to answering that crucial question.

According to the most recent reports from Epic Games, a total of 250 million Fortnite fans have registered accounts as of March 2019. During the last nine months, 125 M new game fans signed up, placing the total at approximately 250 M. Such an astonishing number! Based on its latest signed up player count, Fortnite can be put in the same league as GTA 5, Tetris and Minecraft.

However, we all know the major distinction between Fortnite and the video games mentioned above: Fortnite is absolutely free and playable on any machine or device that has to do with video games. In addition to this, Fortnite’s major goodie is represented by the online-only multiplayer mode dubbed ‘Battle Royale’ which is limitlessly replayable. After the Fortnite Battle Royale mode had been introduced, the game became one of the most renowned across the globe.

Fortnite Concurrent Player Count and Predictions

The record number of concurrent Fortnite players has grown as well, to a shocking 10.8 million. That’s 10.8 M users across the globe, all enjoying the game at one and the same time. Well, not exactly in the same match, but still...just fancy the scale! When will Fortnite die out? Will the game ever end? Just like everything else in this world, Fortnite won’t last forever. Perhaps in the nearest future, the game will lose players that have enjoyed it since its launch. But on the other hand, it’s attracting new fans at an even faster rate.

These days, Fortnite is playable on every gadget and machine you can think of. With the amazing smartphone-friendly version of the game, players can now enjoy that very same version they have on their PCs on the go! Furthermore, Fortnite is still skyrocketing on YouTube, where it targets a multitude of young video game admirers. Fortnite is featured on the physical boxes of consoles. There are even entire sections in bookstores dedicated solely to the game. We predict that for now, Fortnite is going to explode in popularity even further.

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