Fortnite Battle Royale Introduces the Drum Shotgun (aka Balance Killer)

Fortnite Battle Royale Introduces the Drum Shotgun (aka Balance Killer) on Blog

New seasons always bring innovations to Fortnite: Battle Royale, and this one makes no exception. The brand new weapon is called Drum Shotgun (so you can start imagining what it’s like), and it’s available since July the 2nd.

A Different Drum

Experienced Fortnite players have got used to the game being updated frequently, usually with a patch to the core app and then a content update. This time it brought a long-awaited new weapon that had been rumored to appear before. Yet the previous week only brought the updated version of the regular revolver, plus Pump Shotgun (the one known to players already) was put out of the vault.

But this was only the first part of the update codenamed v9.30. The second one was released on July the 2nd, and the weapon it brought is the Drum Shotgun. This one is already being praised as the best shotgun available in Fortnite.

The motto of it is “Eliminate to the beat of your own drum with the New Drum Shotgun!” In reality, its characteristics are astonishing. First of all, it’s automatic, for the first time in the game’s weaponry. Second, its shots are accompanied with blinding flashes that leave your opponent disoriented. So, it’s hard to resist it, if possible at all.

When Does It Hit?

It’s not the first new weapon introduced during Season 9, but it has the biggest victim, as some gamers and bloggers say. Drum Shotgun has killed the game balance that has been balancing well lately. Those running into it early get too much advantage, and it’s being widely discussed. That’s another reason to search for Drum Shotgun now: soon it may be vaulted or rebalanced, and it will be the end of Drum Shotgun as we know it.

Alina Burns
Wordlover, sketch artist and aesthetics admirer.

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