Epic Ditches Legacy Controls in Fortnite

Epic Ditches Legacy Controls in Fortnite on Blog

Though until recently Fortnite offered its players legacy control scheme, since March, 13 it’s here no more. The reason is simple: this scheme was so good an aim assist that players could work wonders with it. Or, rather, the scheme could work wonders for players.

Legacy controls were one of the reasons players with keyboards and mice complained (and had all the reasons for that) of gamepad users’ domination. Indeed, it was much easier to rely on Aim Assist that got too much of an enhancement. Spotting enemies with that became so much easier that it ruined the balance due to someone’s advantage. There were even videos of players shooting a completely invisible opponent with Aim Assist.

fortnite legacy controls screenshot
The feature remains in the game, but without Legacy Control scheme, it won’t be that effective. So players with various input types will enjoy better balance (if enjoy is the word for those wishing to collect victories on it). Anyway, diehard Fortnite fans will gladly accept it.

If you want to keep your sensibility settings, just go to “Controller Options” and select “Copy from Legacy”. Then deactivate the “Use Legacy Look Controls” option, and you’re good to go.

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