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What kind of questions do pop up on our minds when we are looking for the best MMO games for PC? Probably they sound something like “What are the most popular and active ones out there? Which are struggling and which are rolling in gravy?”

Well, those are difficult questions to answer without research, so we did some digging and picked only the best of the finest for you. We’ve collected MMO games for PC that don’t just exist but do pretty well in this crowded market. They are the ones that deliver a breathtaking battling experience, a large open world, and a full customization.

So, check out the list of five titles, which will swallow up entire days at a time.

Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV poster

Final Fantasy XIV is a story of heartwarming redemption. Originally released in 2013, it was heavily panned as one of the worst MMO RPGs ever. However, instead of giving up on the game Square Enix developers took a drastic action and hired the new team to remake it. And the outcome was great, hitting everything the gamers needed from a quality RPG: epic story, gorgeous environments, flashy cut scenes, and over-the-top characters.

Final Fantasy XIV is a traditional MMO RPG that has the holy trinity of Tank/Healer/DPS, and also dungeons, raids, etc. Besides, it has huge open world events called F.A.T.Es which spawn all over every single map, requiring anywhere from 1 person to 100 people to team up and tackle various objectives, earning experience for your faction.

There is also a great deal of flexibility within the game. Once you hit a paltry level 10, you can switch to any of the eight combat classes at just switch of the weapon. You don’t need to level alternate characters to try out new roles.

The world of Final Fantasy XIV is large itself, and the Heavensward expansion makes the game absolutely massive. It’s one of the largest MMORPGs outside of the king itself, World of Warcraft. Plus, Final Fantasy XIV is also one of few cross-platform MMO RPGs, in which PC and PS gamers share the same world.

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft poster

This one is a no-brainer. World of Warcraft is still a juggernaut after almost thirteen years since its launch. Its greatest advantage is in numbers, both in active players and those who return for expansions and promotions.

During the long reign, WoW has changed a lot: it’s been adding new races, new classes, and the whole new continents; players can now even travel back in time. This game is so huge it becomes easy to miss some of the excellent story-laden quests sprouted out.

Blizzard’s WoW still receives the highest positive evaluations for its unique gameplay and amazing atmosphere. If you need a reminder of the concept: you choose your hero, select a category, and customize your hero in different ways. Then, you perform adventures to advance your current level. You can finish the tasks alone, or join a clan and execute a multiplayer mission. Plus, you can challenge other players online and battle against them.

World of Warcraft is a subscription-based product which means you have to purchase prepaid cards or spend with your bank card to keep playing after a certain period. Enjoying the game for up to level 20 is free, and then you must purchase a subscription.

If you want the safe and proven choice that will most likely still be thriving many years from now, pick World of Warcraft.

Elder Scrolls Online

Elder Scrolls Online poster

Elder Scrolls Online is the game that can only grow larger, both in content and in players. And it’s another RPG saved by its successful update, in this case — One Tamriel. It has breathed a new life into the game and made it one of the most popular MMORPGs on the market.

It feels as everywhere you go in the game, there are always other players alongside you, which is partially due to the Megaserver Elder Scrolls Online employs. This game truly feels worthy of being a part of the series on the premise of sheer depth and quality.

Elder Scrolls Online shines the most in the player-versus-player combat. In this mode, it turns the whole map into one giant board game, a vast web full of keeps and strongholds which you are fighting for control over. There are resources to consider, siege weapons to employ, and all kinds of strategic possibilities. It features huge battles between hundreds of players massacring each other over and over.

The Elder Scrolls Online brings in an inexhaustible wave of new players and is one of the MMORPGs anyone in need of a new gaming challenge should try out.

H1Z1: King of the Kill

H1Z1: King of the Kill poster

H1Z1: King of the Kill is a zombie-themed survival MMO RPG set during a zombie apocalypse. It takes place in rural America within a large persistent game world and has a strong emphasis on building structures, crafting, and fighting both zombies and other players. H1Z1 is mostly free-for-all PvP orientated, and the main theme of it is kill or be killed.

With the toxic gas in Battle Royale mode and the timed bombs in Ignition mode, you are more or less forced to fight for your survival. The Battle Royale mode is pretty basic, though. After waiting for the game to begin, you parachute down onto the map, hopefully near some loot, and everyone starts fighting to the death while also avoiding a deadly gas cloud moving around the map.

The servers usually have many players, and the denser the population of a server, the faster the players kill each other. If you are not fast and lucky enough to land near the good loot, you are gonna be shot down by someone quicker very soon. At the end of each game, the top players get rewards as well as deserved glory.

Ignition mode seems pretty interesting. You are dropped into the map on ATV, having a limited amount of time to get to a safe zone. If you fail to do this in time your vehicle explodes. In this mode, the higher the population, the more safe zones. There are five waves, and after each of them, fewer safe zone are left; besides, all of the safe zone sizes decrease along with the time you have to reach them. You need to be careful when scavenging for gear and weapons and eliminate every player you come across before they get you first.

When you finally reach the safe zone, you can’t leave it as the zone locks down for a time. It requires you to protect yourself with gear airdropped onto the map, which can certainly tip the scales in your favor. Again, at the end of each game, the top players receive in-game rewards.

In H1Z1, every choice matters, every moment is borrowed time, and every breath could be your last. So, if you don't want to join the undead, you will have to be cutthroat and resourceful. Scavenge, craft and build to protect yourself from zombies and fellow humans.


GTA V character poster

Grand Theft Auto 5 is a masterpiece of a game that takes full advantage of the technical power of PC. It’s well optimized, and the resolution and frame rate will go as high as your hardware can handle, including 4K and multi-display setups.

The game is dense with excellent content and features sprawling, yet meticulously detailed map which other open-world games can aspire. With so much to explore and play with, both in single-player and multiplayer, GTA 5 is amazing on multiple levels.

It’s not only a preposterously enjoyable game but also an intelligent, sharp-tongued satire of contemporary America. It showcases a refinement of everything GTA 4 brought to the table five years ago. Technically more accomplished in every way, GTA 5 is also tremendously ambitious in its own right. Not many worlds in video games come close to this one in size or scope, and there is sharp intelligence behind its sense of humor and mayhem. This game tells a compelling, provocative, and unpredictable, story without ever letting it get in the way of your self-directed adventures through the city of San Andreas.

Have you played any of these games I mentioned here? What are your thoughts on them? Also, feel free to suggest your favorite MMO RPGs for PC in the comment section below.

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