9 Best VR games: PC or PS4?

9 Best VR games: PC or PS4? on Blog

Virtual Reality or simply VR doesn’t seem to be a distant future anymore. You might be already an owner of HTC Vive, Oculus Rift or PS VR headset. But if you’re still thinking about picking one up or just want to know what games you should look to play first - stay here. I'll tell you what’s worthy of your attention!

Job Simulator

Price: $30

Requirements: PS4 / Oculus / HTC Vive; motion controllers.

To start with I choose the game that attracts players by its weird concept and exclusive gameplay. Based on the storyline, it’s 2050, and our world became fully robotic. You, as the last human on this planet, are doomed to work endlessly on four the most tedious non-automated jobs of the 21st century. You’ll have to work as an office plankton, prep cook, shop cashier and a garage mechanic.

Your game tasks will be incredibly simple: fire an irritating employee, make a layered sandwich, scan products at the checkout, switch a motor oil and so on. But don’t think that you can do it easily in a few minutes and get a new task. The game is linear, and it has a ticket system. Thus you’ll have to move, stack, throw and smash things until you complete the task perfectly.  

Don’t miss the chance to throw a stapler, hot coffee mug or a couple of rotten tomatoes into your boss. In this game, no one will do anything to you!

Job Simulator seems to be perfect for kids, but any grown-up person might also get extremely involved in the game. It’s just so good that you can pass the game for few hours or less with bated breath. I bet you’ll wonder why there is no endless mode? For instance, in the grocery shop: the customers could keep coming unstoppable.

Job Simulator is perfect when you just start playing VR games. It will give you that taste of what VR games truly feel like.

Enjoy your jobing!

The Gallery - EP1: Call of the Starseed

Price: $20

Requirements: HTC Vive / Oculus; vive wands / touch controllers.

Willing to find yourself on the mysterious island at night searching for your missing sister, Elise?

The Gallery is a first-person adventure in the arcane narrative-driven style. You will challenge your wit and curiosity in solving puzzles and looking in, under and over every nook and cranny for your sister’s clues. The game’s environment is rich enough in detail, and you will have a lot of hands-on interaction with such objects as tapes, notes, flare guns, popcorn tins, etc.

Your hands in this game are the motion controllers. You can grab items with the trigger and throw them. Choosing between HTC Vive and Oculus, you should note that vive wands are better for holding objects giving its shape and weight, while the touch controllers feel more like your hands’ extensions.

The first episode of The Gallery made me stand, jump, move crouching and crawling unstoppable for almost 3 hours. As I finished playing, I found myself standing in the middle of the room with a gaping mouth and a wild wish to play more. Moving inside such a beautifully mysterious 3D environment made my VR experience simply unforgettable.

Final Approach

Price: $15

Requirements: HTC Vive / Oculus; motion controllers.

Can you imagine a list of the best games without a flight simulator in it? Unlikely.

That's where Final Approach comes into play. Superfast planes, dangerous stunts, aircraft on fire, emergency rescues will involve all air admirers into the game immediately. You will manage your aircraft in "God Mode" avoiding air traffics, fierce thunderstorms, dangerous zones; check and control the airport’s work; repair and refuel your planes.

Your primary task in the game is drawing paths for the aircraft with your hands, prevent vehicles from crashing and rescue people from aliens. Yes, there might be a few invasions. So you will take a full control of the sky in the immense 3D world!

Final Approach is pretty challenging. A plenty of buzzing planes around your head will try to distract you and result in a crash. The managing of planes feels realistic, so they won’t overpass sharp obstacles or do an immediate 180 angle turn. But the planes will do their best to follow your path.

It’s always a pleasure to play a colorful and detailed VR game with good mechanics as Final Approach.

Tilt Brush

Price: $20

Requirements: HTC Vive / Oculus; motion controllers.

As well as flight simulators, drawing games deserve to be on the list. Especially, if we’re talking about Tilt Brush. This game transforms any room into your workshop where you can create 3D masterpieces with brushstrokes and bright lines that will freeze and hang in the air. The two sensors placed at opposite corners of the room will track all your movements and let you literally walk around your creations.

With Tilt Brush you can sculpt just with your hands. Hold the trackpad in your off hand and use it to select tools, colors, effects and manage system functions. The main hand will draw lines of varying styles, thicknesses and transform them into 3D space. There is a huge number of tools available, so you’ll be entertained for hours trying to use all of them.

You might look a bit like an idiot for bystanders. But, as you’re done creating, they won’t believe that these 3D sculptures are made with your moves only.

Use your room as a canvas and your imagination as a palette. Expand your potential with Tilt Brush.

Raw Data

Price: $40

Requirements: HTC Vive / Oculus; motion controllers; internet connection for the multiplayer mode.

Want a strong adrenaline rush? Play Raw Data. Sci-fi atmosphere, gameplay full of action combat and invincible enemies will scare the pants off you.

The Raw Data’s dev team worked hard to make you feel the real sense of danger in the game. So don’t be surprised when you see the robotic enemies twice taller than you and that in overall look creepy. You might get scared when they suddenly start laser shooting you or punch you in the face. But no worries! It will happen just for the first few times.  

The developers created not only the terrifying enemies but a wide array of special abilities for your hero as well. Therefore, you won’t find in the game a lot of variations for the weapons. You should use the hero's capabilities to enhance and extend your ammunition and fighting styles.

Raw Data is an open game. So you can bring along a trusted partner to cover your back no matter what platform they’re playing on.

This game is extremely fast-paced, and you're going to sweat while playing. If you don’t move as fast as you can, you won’t make it very far. You should learn from the mistakes to move on, and once you’re done with learning, you’ll start truly enjoying Raw Data.

Eagle Flight

Price: $40

Requirements:  PS4 / Oculus / HTC Vive; motion controllers; internet connection for the multiplayer mode.

I bet, everyone has dreamed of flying like a bird in childhood. Well, it seems like dreams come true. Eagle Flight creates an unparalleled sense of freedom that makes you feel like you are actually flying. You will go 50 years back and float in the sky of Paris enjoying the city from a bird's eye view. The game’s atmosphere is similar to a Disney Nature documentary, detachedly chronicling the life and challenges of its feathered hero. You will learn what it’s like to be an eagle, from the moment it breaks out of its shell through to mating and starting a family of its own.

In a single mode, you will fly through the streets and buildings looking for collectibles and explore the magnificent city, Paris. There is a multiplayer mode available for those who want more action in the game. In that mode players have a flag style game where two teams of 3 need to bring back a rabbit to their main nest. It can be even more fun than flying through hoops or fighting in aerial battles with other birds.

In Eagle Flight, you control your trajectory by using the motion of your head. So just put a VR headset and start your french adventure!

Batman: Arkham VR

Price: $20

Requirements:  PS4 only; motion controllers.

Becoming a superhero is another childish dream. Rocksteady Studios gives us that opportunity to try on a role of the bravest and grumpiest detective in the world. Just put the iconic cowl on and feel the real Batman’s power.

Batman: Arkham VR has a true detective style. You will have such equipment as a scanner, a grappling hook and batarangs. The scanning device will be your primary tool throughout Arkham VR, and you'll use it to reconstruct crimes and evidence. It’s a fast-paced game, so pointing at things with the scanner and pulling the trigger on one of the motion controllers can be pretty intensive.

Batman: Arkham VR doesn’t offer that much of action to its players, but it has the deepest detective mode ever and a plenty of crime scene investigations as well as some light puzzle-solving.

Use your chance and become the Dark Knight in the own virtual reality world!

The London Heist

Price: $40

Requirements: PS4; motion controllers; internet connection for the multiplayer mode.

There are always some bad guys that dream to be gangsters, rather than superheroes. Well, at least in the games. If you’re one of them, The London Heist was designed exactly for you.

Based on the storyline, you play as a mobster and have a mission to steal a diamond. Gunfights, bloody scenes and unexpected obstacles are dressed up with impressively detailed gangster characters and incredibly realistic shooting experience.

In The London Heist, you will fire from a virtual gun with a motion controller. To reload a gun, you’ll need to pick up clips and slide them with another hand into the bottom of it. There's no ammo counter to warn you when you're running low on bullets, so you’ll need to keep track of how many shots you have left. All of these together make your shooting feels real.

The London Heist also requires a seated playing from you, whether that’s because you're getting tortured by a mobster in a chair or shooting at bandits in a getaway van. But you won’t need to stay in this game.

After the hour-long story is done, there’s a set of three shooting gallery levels with leaderboards to play on. However, it’s pretty sad that The London Heist comes as a part of PlayStation VR Worlds, so you won’t be able to purchase the game separately from other three.

Resident Evil 7

Price: $60

Requirements:  PS4; motion controllers.

Finally, we got to the icing on the cake - Resident Evil 7. It’s a survival-horror adventure that will actually make you breathless. The atmosphere in Resident Evil 7 is the strongest the series has seen in a long time.

The gameplay throws you into the new role of a regular guy, Ethan Winters who is on the search for his wife, Mia. She has been missing for three years, and suddenly the guy receives a video where Mia clearly asks him to “stay away” and stop looking for her.

Of course, he doesn’t listen to her and goes to Dulvey, Louisiana. There, in classic Resident Evil fashion, he finds an abandoned decaying house with a not friendly Bakers’ family living in it. As you may guess, the house is filled with its secrets and scares.

The Bakers become your main enemies, but there is also another prominent foe’s type: clumsy, oil-black creatures named The Molded. However, they will stop shocking you shortly, because the scenarios in which you encounter them are all so similar.

What really drives the game is the new first-person approach Capcom have adopted. It’s not a Resident Evil’s classic static camera anymore. It is a new perspective that makes exploring the Bakers’ mansion even more intriguing and terrifying.

Joining the VR world

You’ve just found out the best VR games available for PC and PS4. So, now you can pick easily a right headset, depending on what platforms your favorite games are designed for. Wish you good luck and hope you’ll join the VR world shortly!

Alina Burns
Wordlover, sketch artist and aesthetics admirer.

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