10 Best Roblox Games to Play in 2019

10 Best Roblox Games to Play in 2019 on Blog

Roblox is a gaming platform with many player-created games that allow every person to find their favourite game or even create their own with funny graphics. Here you can find the list of the best Roblox games of the year 2019.

Mad City

In this game, you have to become a guard or a prison escapee. Both roles are exciting and have their nuances. Being a guard, you start next to a cage and watch the prisoners. And if you are a criminal, you sit in a cage and dream of escaping. There are all kinds of boxes and containers near the cage. Therefore, it's worth to dig around, and you'll find a shovel, a rope, gloves, and even some simple weapons like sticks and slingshots. Use the findings to cope with exciting tasks.

Lumber tycoon 2

This new product is one of the leaders of Roblox games. The goal of the game is to cut trees, sell wood, and purchase different equipment. There are vehicles that you can buy. Moreover, you can buy a sawmill to increase the number of your boards.

The game has many areas to explore, such as Vulcan, Taiga, Labyrinth, etc. Players have the ability to create and customize their unique structures on their land. The game also contains secret locations.

Adopt Me!

This Roblox game will show its version of kindergarten. This game is suitable for both young users and gamers of the older category. At the start, the mission lets you decide who you want to be in this fervent quest. Do you want to turn into a cute toddler? Then click on the Child option and enjoy the game.

Roblox Royal School

This online game invites girls to act as stylists and to prepare students for the celebration. In this free game, you will go to the Roblox School, where the royal offsprings are studying. The main goal is to help the girls to dress up for the event. Roblox jury will appreciate your efforts and name the leading beauty of the school.


MeepCity is the first Roblox game that got 2 billion visits. In this game, you have to buy different Meeps and decorate their houses. You can buy all sorts of things, for example, furniture, TVs, refrigerators, etc.

In pet shops, you can buy Meeps which will live in the houses. Besides, you can wear hats on them. Moreover, in the store, you can buy fishing rods, and sell fish. Fishing rods can be improved in a pet store.


This game is about the Tokyo Ghouls universe. The protagonist is Rio, who rescues his older brother from enemy captivity. There is a free movement between 23 districts, and the communication with the characters influences the outcome of the game plot.

Murder Mystery 2

Murder Mystery 2 is a popular game created at the beginning of 2014. There are three types of characters: the murderer, the innocent, and the sheriff. The task of the killer is to kill innocent people and the sheriff. The innocent need to hide from the killer, and the sheriff needs to find and shoot the killer.

Phantom Forces

Battlefield 4 inspired the creators of Phantom Forces. To begin with, there are four classes in the game: stormtrooper, scout, sniper, and support.

The goal of a player is to achieve high ranks. This can be accomplished by getting victories in battles. Moreover, after each win, you will get credits and unlock weapons that are more powerful.

Bee Swarm Simulator

Bee swarm simulator is a game that was created on March 23, 2018. In this game, you need to breed bees, thereby expanding your hive more and more. The total number of visits of this game is 436 million. On average, 14,370 players play this game every day which makes it one of the best Roblox games.

Jailbreak HD

Jailbreak HD is an exciting open-world sandbox multiplayer game. Also, there are elements of the quest, shooter, and gambling fighting game.

The prison consists of a considerable number of locations. Prisoners, having escaped from the cell, can find a knife or a gun to fight the police, but there are no guarantees about it.

Your opinion is important

Roblox is a great platform that provides its customers with the tools to turn a dream into virtual reality. Do you agree with our top 10 list? Do not hesitate to write your comments about your favourite Roblox games.

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